Outdoor Recreation Islands


Vepsä is a lovely outdoor recreation island in Airisto. The island offers a wonderful setting for a day trip, since it can be easily accessed with a water bus from the shore of the River Aura. There is something to do in Vepsä for all ages. You could spent a summer day by swimming, barbequing, or playing minigolf. A breathtaking view of the archipelago opens from the vantage point on top of the rocks.

Water bus Lilly sails to Vepsä three times a day in summer season. If you come with your own boat, you can tie you boat up at the guest pier. For a longer stay it is possible to rent a cabin on the island.


Pähkinäinen is an outdoor recreation island of the City of Turku located the furthest from the coast. The island has a sheltered guest harbour. Those who travel without their own boats can access the island with the commuter ferry Isla, which sails from Haapala in Rymättylä. Detailed timetables can be found via the link below.


Maisaari is an old farm in Rymättylä archipelago. The island is a popular destination for school trips. The main building of the island can accommodate as many as 30 people. It is possible to play beach volley, barbeque, and go to sauna in Maisaari. Commuter ferry Isla sails to Maisaari from Haapala, Rymättylä. Detailed timetables can be seen via the link below.