The River Harbour Festival

The entity of around 60 events will launch the marine summer of happenings in Turku!

The River Harbour Festival kicks off the summer of the Turku river harbour with interesting events organised by the City of Turku and its local partners. Next year the festival is organised for the tenth time and the selection of events will be more versatile than ever before! The selection of events offers something to see and to experience for everybody, and the majority of the happenings are free for the public.

The event is open for all the citizens of Turku regardless of age, and travellers and people from the neighbouring municipalities are also more than welcome to marvel at the local happenings in Turku. What would be a better way to open the summer season than the lovely and sunny river harbour and the versatile programme that offers something for everyone!

The River Harbour, which belongs to the Turku National Urban Park, is decorated with well-known landmarks such as the Harmonia statue, Fibonacci Sequence 1–55 in the Turku Energia tower and Turku’s long-time favorite Daisy (Päivänkakkara). In the River Harbour history is also nearby and can be explored in the Turku Castle and the Forum Marinum Maritime Museum. In addition to these, there are countless other larger and smaller attractions in the River Harbour. For example, can you find all the hidden little statues of the artwork Piiloleikki?