The River Harbour Festival on May 19-22, 2022

The River Harbour Festival kicks off summer in the Turku river harbour area! The River Harbour Festival is a versatile weekend consisting of different events organized by the City of Turku and its local partners. Most of the happenings are free of charge. What would be a better way to start the summer season than visiting the sunny riverbanks and enjoying a versatile program offering something to see and experience for everybody?

In 2022 the River Harbour Festival is held on May 19 to May 22. The program includes lots of interesting events for all ages. The event program is published in the spring of 2022. 

The River Harbour Is a Part of Maritime Turku 
Apart from festival program, you can also spend a day at the River Harbour enjoying the sights and the area itself! The River Harbour, which belongs to the Turku National Urban Park, hosts well-known landmarks such as the Harmonia statue, the Fibonacci Sequence 1–55 in the Turku Energia tower and Turku’s all-time favorite Daisy (Päivänkakkara). In addition, there are countless other larger and smaller attractions in the River Harbour area. Can you for example find all the hidden miniature statues of the artwork Piiloleikki?  

History is a natural part of the River Harbour area, as sights such as Turku Castle and the Forum Marinum Maritime Museum are open for visitors to explore. You can also find an original specialty of Turku, the city ferry Föri, in the River Harbour. Föri transports people over the river free of charge and with Föri you can get to know both sides of the river. 

The River Harbour is known for its excellent walking and running routes, and from both sides of the river you can admire the maritime Turku and the sights of the River Harbour. Feel free to visit the Telakka- and Majakkaranta areas at the eastern shore, or travel to Ruissalo dockyard by waterbus (the stop is located by Martinsilta) in the summer. There is something for everyone in the River Harbour area, so go explore it as soon as possible!