Ruissalo – a combination of nature, history and culture

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Ruissalo Map – a combination of nature, history and culture (pdf)


For a long time, Ruissalo was used for pasture. People began cutting down groves in the 1540s to cultivate fields. Around the same time, Ruissalo came under the rule of Turku Castle, and its crops were used for the castle’s needs. In the 1550s Ruissalo became the hunting grounds for the Duke of Finland.

Today, Ruissalo has become a recreational site, since there’s no natural attraction quite like it anywhere else in Finland. Ruissalo is known for its temperate deciduous forests, which are the largest in Finland, and particularly for its ancient oak trees. There are also many other habitats on the island: alder groves, boreal forests, meadows and bays.

Please follow regulations when moving around Ruissalo. Pets must be kept on a leash and bicycling is prohibited on the nature trails and off-road. You may pick berries and edible mushrooms, but no other plant life.