One area of land in Ruissalo was reserved for the common folk for recreation purposes and it became known as 'the Promenade'. It used to be situated by the spring of Choraeus but was moved in 1860 to its current location. A restaurant and a bowling alley were opened there and the promenade became a beloved destination of Turku residents during the summer. One of the most popular activities was leisurely strolling, also known as promenading. The area was later named Kansanpuisto and the construction of a swimming facility and a summer theatre contributed to its popularity.

There is no official swimming beach in Kansanpuisto due to the nearby boat traffic. In addition, the quality of water does not meet the necessary requirements for swimming.

Kansanpuisto in the 1960's. Image: Turku Museum Centre/Keijo Hakanen


The oldest rock festival in Finland, Ruisrock, was first organised in Saaronniemi in 1970. From 1972 onwards, the festival has taken place in Kansanpuisto.

What to do in Kansanpuisto

From Kansanpuisto, you can easily take a tour of beautiful villas along the promenade. For children, there is playing equipment available in Kansanpuisto. Café Villa Promenade serves coffee and sweet and savoury treats. There are also two barbecue sites in the area. You are advised to bring your own firewood with you.

A Föli water bus stop can be found at the beach.