The Saaronniemi area in Ruissalo provides opportunities for hiking, swimming, sauna bathing, barbecue, minigolf and beach volley. You can use the sauna or go swimming even in winter. Dog owners can take their pets to a dog park or to a swimming beach intended for dogs.

Café Villa Saaro serves visitors in a beautiful villa representing the Empire style. If you wish to stay overnight, you can stay in your trailer in the well-equipped camping area or indoors.

Saaronniemi beach

You can go swimming and use the sauna also in winter.

Café Villa Saaro (open during the summer season)

                                                     Saaronniemi beach


Saaronniemi has four barbecue shelters and two barbecue sites. Bring your own firefood with you. In June, July and Auguest, you can also buy firewood at the camping area reception.

Camping and accommodation

Ruissalo Camping in Saaronniemi has a well-equipped trailer area, a swimming beach, a minimarket, indoor accommodation, a basketball court and minigolf. There are also hot showers, laundry facilities and other amenities available.

Swimming beach for dogs

You will get to the dog swimming beach when you take the sand road to the right after the camping area gate. There is a guiding sign along the main road.

Dog park Vikkelä

The dog park has fenced areas for small and large dogs.