Spring of Choraeus

The spring of Choraeus has been named after Mikael Choraeus (1774–1806), Docent of Eloquence at the Royal Academy of Turku from 1799 to 1802. Choraeus was also a writer and one of his most significant poems was 'A Farewell to Ruissalo', published in a newspaper in 1799. In this poem, he praises the beauty of Ruissalo.

The spring was known as a place of refreshment in the 19th century for baccalaureates and town residents who raised toasts at the spring and enjoyed its refreshing water. The round pool and the surrounding stones were completed in 1849. Nowadays, the spring has dried and an asphalt road is situated right next to it. The stones of the spring carry the text FONS CHORAEI PHOEBEI PERENNIS – the forever flowing spring of poet Choraeus.


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The spring of Choraeus in the 1930's. Image: Turku Museum Centre /Lina Auer


                                                                        The spring of Choraeus today