Rules in sports and exercise halls

Be sure to always follow the current rules and regulations and the staff’s instructions, as well as maintaining cleanliness and good manners. This ensures that everyone can train and practise safely and without disturbances.

  • Only play in the sports hall, not in the hallways or lobby.
  • Please only use indoor footwear. Please note that in many schools you are not allowed to walk to the locker rooms in your outdoors shoes.
  • Please do not let any outsiders into the school facilities.
  • The external doors of the exercise areas must be kept locked. Leaving the doors open will trigger an alarm. Any costs resulting from the alarm will be charged to the person who reserved the time slot.
  • Be sure to only use the door buzzer during your time slot. At other times your instructor/coach will let you in.
  • Please make sure to finish on time before the next time slot. Take care of court or rink building and dismantling during your own time slot. Put all the equipment back in its designated places.
  • Please keep all exercise areas and locker rooms clean. If the guest leaves the facilities in a mess, the Sports Services Centre can charge a cleaning fee.
  • Remember to turn off the lights and lock the doors if there are no groups coming in after you.
  • The alarm system will activate right after the last time slot (in approximately ½ hr). The person who reserved the time slot is responsible for compensating for any costs resulting from unnecessary alarms.
  • If there are any complaints about the hall, please notify our customer service department immediately.