This piece of news will be updated if changes occur. Latest update: 27.11.2020.

Information about the coronavirus and the preventive measures in Turku: 

All City Releases on Coronavirus:


Current issues

St:Olofsskola grades 7-9 in distant teaching until 4.12. (Read more in Finnish)

Cygnaeus skola moved to distant teaching 23 November onwards (read more in Finnish).

City of Turku Education Division face mask recommendation expanded to cover secondary schools.

Turku Vocational Institute moves to hybrid teaching: classes take turns in contact and distance teaching.

Children or youth Should Not Attend Day Care or School When Ill

Weekly summarized news on the corona virus situation (week 47): In Finnish: Turun koronatilanne jatkuu edelleen vakavana, hakeudu testiin lievissäkin oireissa

Early childhood education

Education Division recommends the use of face masks when dropping off and getting children from day care, read more in Finnish. 

The customer guidance of the Early Childhood Education of the City of Turku will serve you as usual. You can contact them by phone, email or chat.

The parents or guardians of the kids participating in the Early Childhood Education are encouraged to reserve early childhood education through the Päikky service as usual. The service always closes at 12 noon on Monday of the previous week. The chances after that can be reported directly to the Early Childhood Education Unit in question. If the need for the care has changed for the following week, please inform the possible chances directly to the unit in question. Please find more information on reservations (in Finnish)

Customer fees

Turku City Board decided on 30 March that early childhood education customer fees will not be charged if the child is absent from early childhood education and his/her parents or other guardians are otherwise able to arrange care during the time that government decree and temporary limitations regarding teaching and education are in force. Read more about the fees during spring 2020 in here.

Schools and Institutes

Basic schools

Multiple school classes have been moved to distant teaching to prevent the spread of corona virus (read more below in Finnish). More detailed information has been sent in Wilma.

City of Turku Education Division face mask recommendation expanded to cover secondary schools.

Upper secondary schools

We have strongly recommended the use of face masks to all upper secondary level students.
The matriculation exams ended 1 October. Results are expected to arrive in November.
Spring 2021 matriculation exam dates have been changed. YTL changed the dates due to ongoing coronavirus situation (read more in Finnish).

Turku Vocational Institute (TAI) 

Turku Vocational Institute moves to hybrid teaching until end of the year: classes take turns in contact and distance teaching (Read more in Finnish). Alltogether approximately 4500 students are affected. Internships at companies and worksites continue normally. If you have any questions relating to this, please ask your teacher.

Study counselors are mainly available during office hours by phone or by e-mail. 

Guidance and application information services run online. Please get in touch by e-mail, or by phone (WhatsApp also) +358 40 186 5208 

We have strongly recommended the use of face masks to all upper secondary level students.

Turku Apprenticeship Office

Turku Apprenticeship Office is open online. Please contact by calling or sending an email. For more information go to:

Evening high school of Turku and Adult Education centers

There can be changes and variation how The Evening high school courses are practically organised. There might be some changes to the curriculum, but ask about them from the school. The school office is open online for inquiries.

For the Adult education centers in Turku, please check their websites for further details.

Course fees

In the Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku and Åbo svenska arbetarinstitut, the remaining lessons that were scheduled for spring 2020 will not be compensated financially. As a compensation for course fees, these institutions will organise free lectures during autumn 2020.

The Food Services

Children and youth who attend day care, basic education, upper secondary schools as well as morning and afternoon activities of the basic education in the City of Turku will receive meals as usual. Pupils in distance teaching in basic schools will receive meals, more information has been sent in Wilma.

The city reminds about good hand hygiene and safety distances.

School Transportation

Turku region public transport Föli school lines operate normally. Check schedules and exceptions at Föli's website: Masks are recommended to use during the rush hours.

School Healthcare

The centralised coronavirus helpline of school and student health care, tel. +358 2 266 2012, is available between 8 am and 3 pm from Monday to Thursday and between 8 am and 12 pm (noon) on Friday. Calls are taken by nurses in school and student health care. They provide guidance and instructions in matters related to coronavirus. When necessary, they also provide referrals for coronavirus testing. The service is intended for pupils in basic education, upper secondary school students and students in vocational institutions and universities of applied sciences. In other matters related to health and wellbeing, please contact the school nurse of your school.

School nurses are available for walk-in appointments during specific visiting hours. Pupils can also book an appointment in advance. The times of visiting hours vary by school and they are announced e.g. via Wilma. Or read more about school healthcare during corona times by clicking here.

Other Support Services

The school curators, psychologists and counselors can still be contacted through Wilma or by phone. Pupils, students and guardians are advised when making the reservation to come to the appointment only when they are healthy. Those who have symptoms of respiratory infections are offered a possibility to contact the healthcare personnel over the phone.