Service voucher for personal assistance

Service vouchers for personal assistance are used by clients with severe disabilities who need assistance in their daily activities at home (washing, dressing, dining) or away from home (accompanying and assistance with daily transactions). Clients can be disabled in many different ways (physical disability, visual impairment, progressive illness, such as MS, intellectual impairment, etc.).

The service voucher is always based on an official decision of the social worker of the disability service, where a service voucher is issued to the client either as part of a personal assistance service package or to cover short but recurrent needs for assistance, for example, once a week.

The client (or the client and their representative) determines the assistance they need when ordering the service. Persons with disabilities using a service voucher instruct the assistant in the desired tasks. The content the service voucher can be used for is defined in the service plan of the disabled service, which the client can provide to the service provider of their choice.

For services provided with a service voucher, the service provider may charge the maximum hourly rates below. There is no deductible for the client using the service, i.e. the client pays nothing for the service.

  • Weekdays and Saturdays 6 a.m.–11 p.m., the value of the voucher is €21.00 per hour
  • Weekdays and Saturdays 11 p.m.–6 a.m., the value of the voucher is €26.30 per hour
  • Sundays, holidays and days before a holiday, the value of the voucher is €42.00 per hour