Accident and Emergency Services

On weekdays, your local health station functions as your primary place of care in all cases of illness.

  • The health stations are open Mon–Fri 8–16
  • Telephone line for appointment booking (02) 266 1130 is open Mon-Fri 8–14.00

On the phone, a nurse assesses your need for treatment and books an appointment.

Health stations are closed during evenings, nights and weekends. If the health station is closed when you need urgent care, contact the joint emergency services of the Turku region (Tyks T-hospital). Always call the joint emergency services phone number (02) 313 8800 first.

The emergency services also provide around-the-clock care for victims of work, traffic and school accidents.

Always call 112 in case of an emergency, such as a sudden attack of illness, unconsciousness or a life-threatening situation.

Responsible organisation: 

Welfare Division of the City of Turku
Service classification: