Control of foodstuffs

Notification about the primary production of foodstuffsNotification about the pharmacy sales of foodstuffsNotification about the transport of foodstuffsNotification about a mobile food establishmentNotification about the temporary sales of foodstuffsNotification about bringing food contact material to the marketIn-house control notification of a company handling foodstuffsSuspected food poisoning

The manufacturing and serving of food and foodstuffs is supervised in, for example, restaurants. This supervision ensures that the foodstuffs are healthy and safe to consume. The handling, transport, trading, import, export and marketing of foodstuffs are also supervised. The food industry operator is also responsible for carrying out in-house control. Those who plan to open a restaurant should contact Food Control ahead of time. The notification about opening a restaurant must be sent at least one month in advance. The City of Turku’s environmental health unit acts as the official body responsible for food control.

Responsible organisation: 

City of Turku
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