Pregnancy ultrasound scans and ultrasound screenings

The Maternity Care Ultrasound Unit complements the work of the Maternity Clinic and provides services to all pregnant women in Turku. The Unit does primarily screenings during pregnancy. Participation in all pregnancy screenings is totally voluntary. 

A pregnant woman is provided with an opportunity of participating in two ultrasound scans without charge. One of them is done in the early weeks of pregnancy and the other in mid-pregnancy. Screening for chromosomal anomalies is done primarily during early weeks of pregnancy in a combined screening and secondarily in a double screen in mid-pregnancy. It is up to the client to decide whether to take the ultrasound scans and/or fetal screening for chromosomal anomalies, or indeed, in any of these scans. The Unit also performs gynecologic ultrasound scans.

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Turun kaupungin hyvinvointitoimiala
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The Maternity Care Ultrasound Unit

to all pregnant women in Turku

The appointment to the Ultrasound Unit is made after the first visit to the Maternity Clinic. Only the client's spouse or another support person is welcome to accompany the client. The gynecologic ultrasound scan requires referral from a health station doctor.

All ultrasound scans during pregnancy are free of charge, the gynecologic ultrasound scans carry a customary outpatient clinic fee.

An uncancelled appointment is charged a no-appearance fee.

Make your appointment Mon-Fri, 12.00-13.00.


Phone +358 2 266 2176

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Turun kaupungin hyvinvointitoimiala

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