Spearhead project: Smart and Wise Turku

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Smart and Wise Turku (in Finnish)

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Smart and Wise Turku is one of the city’s spearhead projects that combines the strategic goal of regional carbon neutrality in 2029 with the Smart City concept. Reached results will contribute to the citizens’ well-being and help improve the city’s competitiveness and the productivity of its own operations.

Essential enablers of this are digitalisation and the data it has accumulated. Digitalisation enables the production of services untied to time and location, and an increase in the productivity of the city’s own operations (Smart City).

By creating conditions for the citizens and companies to utilise the data, the city enables economically, socially and environmentally sustainable growth that supports well-being (Wise City).

The city’s strategic goal is to proceed toward carbon neutrality in the city region in 2029 through the implementation of climate and environment policies. With the help of the new operational models created by Smart and Wise Turku, reaching this goal will be easier.