Social Ombudsman

The task of social ombudsman is statutory and is defined by the Act on the Status and Rights of Social Welfare Clients, i.e. the Social Welfare Clients Act.

The social ombudsman advises the clients with matters related to social welfare, such as making a reminder related to the service and treatment in social welfare services and using other means of legal protection.

The services of social welfare include income support, child welfare, treatment for substance abusers, care for the elderly, disability services, home care, support for informal care, children’s day care, and municipal services related to the care and sustenance of the child.

The Social Ombudsman is impartial and independent, and does not make decisions or grant benefits.

Visiting address: 

Yliopistonkatu 30
20100 Turku


Telephone +358 2 262 6171
Telephone Switchboard of Turku City +358 2 330 000

Opening hours

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Mon - Thu 10:00 - 12:00
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