Information on Coronavirus for Sports Facility Users

Information about the opening times, services and restrictions of Sports Services during the state of emergency caused by coronavirus is gathered on this page. The page is updated as more details occur.

General instructions

  • Don’t use the sports facilities if you are ill.

  • Remember to ensure that safety distances are maintaned.

  • Maintain good hand hygiene.

  • Cough into your sleeve.

  • Every person over the age of 15 is required to use face mask indoors sports facilities at all times except during the actual physical activity.

Sports facilities

At sports facilities, safety distances and an elevated hygiene level during the coronavirus pandemic are secured through special arrangements:

  • We follow current instructions from the authorities
  • Sports Services monitors and instructs the compliance of the guidelines and will restrict the number of customers and use of facilities for health security reasons if necessary.
  • Cleaning is enhanced, taking facility-specific features into account. Facilities will be arranged for handwashing and more cleansers will be available at gyms. Users are instructed to wipe equipment after use. Also potential borrowed items and entrance wristbands are cleaned.
  • At sports facilities, customers are reminded about safety distances, hand and coughing hygiene and requirement for face mask.
  • Users of each sports facility will be informed about all changes and relevant matters.

Customer service

Opening times of customer service points:

Keys, equipment and reserved time slots:

  • Those who have reserved a practice time slot will be informed about details at the time of reservation-making.

Means of payment and compensations: