During the strike of JHL and Jyty, warm and cold meals provided by the service provider are available in the schools and day-care centres of Turku. The strike causes a need for various special arrangements, which may lead to last-minute changes. Despite this, meals are being prepared and distributed relatively well, although not all special diets can be accommodated. The facility and catering services company Arkea is doing everything it can to make food available to as many people as possible. Updated: 26.11.2021

Guardians recieve information also via Wilma.

Individual educational institutions and day-care centres will inform guardians about any need for packed lunches based on the information they receive from Arkea. Guardians should therefore be prepared to continue making children packed lunches for school, day-care centre and afternoon activities. Efforts are also being made to reduce food losses by specifying orders and using more detailed delivery lists. 

The City of Turku has received some questions about day care fees. At its highest, the day care fee covers about 10% of the actual costs of early childhood education and care. Meal costs are a fraction of these costs. Day care fees will not be lowered despite the special arrangements in food services.

Cleaning of comprehensive schools as emergency work already started on Monday 22 November. An emergency work order was issued to ensure health security in schools and day-care centres. In property management, changes in road conditions are being prepared for and the already necessary antiskid measures have been taken.
Upper secondary schools will be in distance teaching until Wednesday 24 November and will return to contact teaching on Thursday 25. 
Of the locations of the Turku Vocational Institute (TAI), the strike will not affect the Lemminkäinen and Juhannuskukkula school buildings. Likewise, the food services of all day-care centres that offer scheduled day care will operate normally during the strike. Adult education centres will also operate normally. 

JHL and Jyty started the strike against Arkea on Wednesday 17 November after the company announced its plan to move to the same collective agreements as its main competitors. Despite the strike, Arkea has all along been ready to negotiate with the personnel and the trade unions. Constant negotiations have been conducted with representatives of the personnel in the spirit of cooperation. At the beginning of next week, Arkea is hoping to meet with the trade unions, including the representatives of JHL and Jyty. The invitation to the negotiations has been sent to the trade unions. In order to create a constructive atmosphere for the negotiations, the management of Arkea wishes that the personnel return to work.

Pay attention when making packed lunches

Packed lunches should not require refrigeration, as cold storage or heating the food is not possible. It is best not to include anything that spoils easily. The food packages should have the child's name on it, and raw materials that cause strong allergic reactions (e.g. nuts) should be avoided. Considering the unusual nature of the situation, parents should pack the food in a container from which the meal can be directly eaten, if possible. The packaging should also have the child's name on it to avoid confusion.   
Parents are also asked to consider the possibility of serving breakfast at home before the child goes to day care.  
The City of Turku will regularly inform its residents through the media, on the website and via Wilma.