Study in Turku survey 2020: Turku is a good place to live

Higher education students enjoy living in Turku. This was demonstrated by the student survey conducted in the spring of 2020, which was responded to by 3,430 students. As many as 98% of them would recommend Turku to their friends as a student city.

The abnormal spring period overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic did not dilute higher education students’ views of Turku as a great city for students. They find that Turku offers an excellent environment for studies and living. Almost all of the respondents would recommend Turku to their friends as a student city.

The student respondents agreed with the following survey claims, for example:

  • Turku is a student-friendly city.
  • Turku is suitably sized for students.
  • Turku is a good place to live.
  • Turku is a beautiful city.
  • The student culture in Turku is active.

Excellent hobby opportunities and interesting cultural offering.

Students are also satisfied with the recreational activities offered by Turku. As many as 93% of the respondents agreed with the claim that Turku provides excellent opportunities for hobby and sports activities. Even with the spring’s coronavirus outbreak limiting event organisation, almost as many respondents felt that Turku provides a sufficient offering of interesting events and cultural activities.

The closeness to nature, public transport arrangements and good pedestrian and bicycle paths were also praised.

Employment is a source of uncertainty

More than half of the respondents would like to work in Turku after their studies. Yet there is uncertainty among students as to whether or not the city can provide jobs that match their eventual qualifications. Slightly less than half of the respondents believed that they would find employment. The most optimistic of the respondents were first-year students and students of the university of applied sciences.

A surprisingly small number of students expressed interest in entrepreneurship after graduation. Only 18% indicated any interest in setting up a business in Finland or abroad. On the other hand, almost 50% stated that they are not interested in the notion of entrepreneurship.

Easy and functional mobility and living

The respondents indicated that the day-to-day lives of students run smoothly in Turku. The survey responses characterised Turku as a compact city that is quick and easy to get around. The students were happy with public transport in Turku but thought that the nighttime arrangements could use some further development.

The majority of the respondents (85%) were also satisfied with their housing situation. Most found living in Turku to be affordable and felt that they were able to choose the form of housing best suited to them.

Survey results as a whole

The survey was produced jointly by Study in Turku and Group 40,000, which represents the student unions of Turku. It was responded to by students from all six of Turku’s institutions of higher education.

The survey result report can be found in the attached file (currently available in Finnish only):

The results can be used freely. If you refer to the results, please cite the source: Study in Turku survey 2020,

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