Tutors - Who they are and what they do

When you are accepted to study in Finland, the international office of your university will coordinate a tutor for you. The tutor will help you with all the practical matters with your arrival, like checking in at the university or UAS and getting a starting package (if your student union has one) if you need one.

Although it varies depending on the university, the tutor should contact you about a month before your arrival at the latest, so keep an eye on your e-mail (and the spam folder!).

Tutors are usually Finnish students, who are interested in other cultures and countries. The tutors are all volunteers so don’t expect miracles from them, and they are also primarily for the non-educational questions, as you can ask those to the international office or an education coordinator. Your tutor will help you through all the exchange.

Usually one tutor takes care of 3-5 exchange students. In the beginning on the year there are a lot of parties, where you can go with your tutor and other exchange students and get to know each other better! Your Tutor can introduce you to Finnish culture, explain some differences and help you start your Finnish adventure in Turku!


Who and what are tutors?

  • Tutors are Finnish volunteer students who want to get to know and help exchange students. They will contact you through email, up to one month before your arrival.

What can you ask your tutor about?

  • Anything! From getting around the city to places to party – tutors are there to help you. Ask studies related questions from the university’s or UAS’ international offices.

What tutors do?

  • They are here to help but remember that they are volunteers. Your tutor usually meets you when you arrive in Turku. They can also help you with moving in by picking up your house key or starting package in advance.
  • At the beginning, they can help you to figure out how the shops work, how to get a bus card or bank account, for example.
  • Your Tutor will introduce you to the Finnish life! In the beginning of the academic year there are a lot of parties for exchange students and degree students. They can explain the cultural differences, and help you with blending into the Finnish way of living.

 What tutors don’t do?

  • Tutors are still students with their own life. They usually take care of 3-5 exchange students. So before asking them another question, try to google it and remember that you are not the only one.
  • They are not your personal servants.
  • They don’t do your shopping, groceries or laundry etc. for you.

Do you get to choose your tutor or your tutoring group?

  • Your Finnish university or UAS choose tutors and their tutoring groups.