Student housing

Turku offers a wide range of housing options for students near the campuses and the centre. The price of housing is more student-friendly than in many other cities in Finland. However, you should begin your search well in advance. The beginning of the academic year is the busiest time, while most apartments become available in spring.

Where to find an apartment

To get your apartment hunting started, here is a list of organizations and companies that provide housing.

  • The Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) has over 7,000 housing units in 19 different locations around the city. Unlike other large student cities, you can apply for student housing in Turku before you have been accepted to study. The majority of the apartments are located in Turku’s Student Village, close to the University of Turku near the River Aura’s fantastic outdoor exercising opportunities. Turku Market Square is two kilometres away, the campuses less than one.


  • Tavasthem student accommodation is a studen house in the center of Turku, close to Åbo Akademi University. There are about 40 apartments in Tavasthem, which were renovated in 2017. Most of the accomodation are studio apartments. The house also has a gym, a student restaurant and a sauna. Tavasthem is owned by the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University, so the rent is significantly lower than on the private market.

Other options & tips

Cost of living

  • Student benefits and discounts: by joining your local student union, you get a student card which brings you many discounts in student restaurants and public transportation, along with many other places.