Career events

Finland Works

Where and when: Online event by EURES Finland on February 16, 2022

About: This event gathers exhibitors showcasing job opportunities and open job listings in Finland. If you’re a jobseeker, prepare your CV and meet up with the exhibitors remotely! Don’t forget to check out the event’s programme as well.

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ICT Showroom

Where and when: ICT-City (Joukahaisenkatu 3-5, Turku) 10 March 2022

About: ICT ShowRoom is an exhibition and a competition, in which students present their project work done during the past year. The event is organized jointly by Turku University of Applied Sciences, University of Turku, and Åbo Akademi University. The participation is open for all students of the organizing higher education institutes who have worked with projects connected to ICT-connected topics. The event itself is open for the public.

Read more and register: ICT Showroom – Student project exhibition and competition

Rekry Expo 2022

Where and when: Turku Fair Center on 29 March 29 and 15 November 2022

About: Rekry Expo is the largest recruitment event in Southwest Finland. The event is organized in co-operation between the Turku Fair Center and TS Group. At the event you will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of employers, make contacts, arrange job interviews and receive valuable information.

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Study an Stay in Turku 2021

Where and when: Virtual event was arranged on 10 November 2021. If you missed it, you can watch the recording of the event here: Study and Stay in Turku 2021 - YouTube

About: At Study and Stay in Turku 2021, you’ll hear inspiring stories from international alumni who have made their careers in Finland and learn how to stand out as a job seeker in the job market in Turku.

Read more: Study and Stay in Turku | Study and Stay in Turku (