Guidelines for the Friendship Programme

1. The Friendship Programme aims to promote internationalisation and knowledge of new cultures among both international students and local friends.
2. The programme is voluntary, and the international students and their local friends themselves decide how and when they meet. However, the participants should try to meet at least monthly. Successful friendship requires active participation from both sides! 

3. The local friend and the student are introduced to each other in the opening meeting which is arranged by the programme coordinators. The participants who can’t attend the opening meeting will receive their friend’s contact information by email. From there on, the participants in the programme get together at their convenience.

4. The local friend is not responsible for guiding the student in matters related to studies or practical issues.

5. The local friend has no financial obligations towards the international student. Studies, accommodation and recreational activities are paid for by the international students themselves.

6. The local friend may not use the student as workforce.

7. The well-being, safety and cultural differences of both parties must always be taken into consideration.

8. The international student must have personal insurance when they arrive in Finland. Therefore, the local friend is not liable to pay compensation if something happens to the student while taking part in the programme.

9. If problems or questions arise, the local friend and international student should contact the programme coordinator or the contact person in the own university. 

10. Feedback is collected from both, the local friends and the international students, in writing at the end of the term. This will help to develop and improve the programme.

11. The corona pandemic situation is taken into account during the programme and the authority instructions are followed. The participants undertake to follow the authority instructions as well.