Student Life and Student Unions

In Finland each university and UAS has its own student union. The membership of a student union is compulsory for all Finnish undergraduate students - and for those international students who are studying for a Finnish degree. It is possible for the exchange students to join a student union, too. The membership entitles to a variety of benefits, for example student health care and several student discounts.

Student unions represent and supervise the interests of the students registered in each higher education institution. They organise services like tutoring and provide starting package service, as well as free-time activities like sports events, cultural excursions, parties and so on. One of the best ways of meeting other students in Turku is to join union's events and activities.

More information about services and free-time activities you can find on your university's or UAS's student unions' website


International students' organisations in Turku

The International Students of Turku Universities ISTU is a registered non-profit organisation of international bachelor’s, master's and PhD students studying at all universities in Turku. ISTU is also open for exchange and Finnish students. ISTU was founded in order to create a network for international students and give them the opportunity to meet each other. It also promotes the integration of international degree students into the new academic, social and cultural environment and helps overcoming the challenges they might face in a foreign country.

Erasmus Student Network organises cultural happenings, sports activities, excursions, parties and other event that are mainly aimed at the exchange students.

Ambassador Network of South-West Finland

The Ambassador Network of South-West Finland aims at supporting the internationalisation of the region through its international talents. Goal is to make South-West Finland more international and a well-known place to do business, study and live, and we are doing this together.