Study in Turku project applications

Study in Turku projects

  • The application period for Study in Turku subsidies 2019 ended 16 November 2018.
  • The decision on the funded projects will be made by the steering group of Study in Turku operations in December 2018. All applicants will be contacted when the steering group has made its funding decision.

Do you have an idea related to students and Turku that you would like to realise? Do the students of Turku have a need for a certain event, app or service or would you like to develop student services in some other way? Study in Turku holds an annual project subsidy application process, inviting the students and the operators of the city and the higher education institutes in Turku to share their ideas.

In total, EUR 50,000 will be allocated to projects in 2019 to promote the goals of the Study in Turku operations.

What is Study in Turku cooperation all about?

Study in Turku is cooperation between the City of Turku, its institutes of higher education and their student associations, as well as local businesses, and its aim is to develop the city.

The operations cover the students’ entire study path from a young person considering studies to a graduated job applicant. The goal is to make Turku the most interesting student city in Finland and the most inspiring one in the Baltic Sea region, where people also want to live and work after graduation.

Objectives of Study in Turku operations:

  • Becoming a student in Turku
    Potential applicants consider Turku to be an interesting and inspiring student city in Finland.
  • Studying in Turku
    Turku provides students of institutes of higher education with good and functional everyday services and an attractive student life. A vibrant student culture increases the attractiveness of the entire city.
  • Finding employment in Turku
    Students of higher education institutions in Turku have strong capabilities and relationships with the business sector during their studies.

Some of the Study in Turku’s operating budget will be distributed annually to certain actions selected through project applications.

Criteria for project subsidies

The actions applying for project subsidies must be related to the objectives of Study in Turku operations. Additionally, the following themes will be emphasised in the application process:

  1. Strong connections to business life
    The actions can be related to increasing the number of internships, increasing the role of companies in studies or sharing information with the companies in the area, for example.
  2. International student city
    Internationality can be considered from many perspectives in the actions. These perspectives can include employment and networking of international students, international capabilities of Finnish students, or internationality in the students’ day-to-day lives.
  3. Turku does good
    The actions need to be related to improving the prerequisites of a good life that are important to students, such as housing, exercise, functionality of the campus area, communality, guidance or availability of services.

Project subsidies can be applied for to support development operations or actions related to these goals, when the target groups are students or recent graduates of institutes of higher education in Turku. The action does not need to include all students, but it must be open to students of all the institutions of higher education.

The subsidised action can be training, an event, service, app or any other action or idea that supports and promotes the goals and themes of Study in Turku operations. Students from Turku can also apply with a project idea that is related to their study credits (such as coursework).

  • The granted funds for 2019 are €50,000 in total. The amount of applied project funding can be a minimum of €500 and a maximum of €10,000.
  • The funding can be for the entire action or part of it, or it can be used as the self-funded share of external funding.
  • The action must be implemented in 2019.
  • The funded action cannot be counted as normal, basic operations of a student association, an institute of higher education or the city.
  • Furthermore, funding will not be granted for institutes of higher education for their basic education (e.g. course funding).
  • Funding will not be granted for the operator’s business operations or fundraising.

The prerequisite for funding the projects is that the Study in Turku steering group approves the action plan for 2019.

The parties that have received the subsidy will commit to reporting on the use of the project subsidy, for example by delivering photographs, a newsletter or a news article about the operations to be published in Study in Turku channels, and to reporting the funding received from Study in Turku in the communications of their operations. More detailed instructions on reporting and communications will be delivered to the subsidised projects.

Who can apply?

The operators of all parties included in the Study in Turku operations can apply for project subsidies:

  • units and communities of the City of Turku, Turku institutes of higher education and the Turku Business Region
  • the student associations of the said institutes of higher education, their sub-organisations or student coalitions.

Also, student groups or teams (excluding individual students) can apply with an idea related to their study courses.

Application instructions

The application period for Study in Turku subsidies is 19 Sep - 16 November 2018. The decision on the funded projects will be made by the steering group of Study in Turku operations in December 2018. All applicants will be contacted when the steering group has made its funding decision. If all project funds are not allocated after the application process, another application period will be held in spring 2019.

Further information

  • Anssi Kaisti, coordinator, Study in Turku, anssi.kaisti(at)
  • Jenni Iivonen, coordinator, Study in Turku, jenni.iivonen(at)