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Åbo Akademi University is an internationally acknowledged research university with an extensive responsibility for providing education in Swedish in Finland. The activities cover research and education in most disciplines from the humanities, pedagogics and theology to social sciences, natural sciences and technology.

The abundant supply enables multidisciplinary entities in both research and education. Campus is located close to the center of Turku and has a cosy atmosphere. In various external comparisons Åbo Akademi University has been ranked among the best universities in Finland.

  • 5618 undergraduate students
  • 823 postgraduate students
  • 1078 international students
  • Students from 78 countries
  • Campuses in Åbo (Turku in Finnish), Vasa (Vaasa) and Jakobstad (Pietarsaari)

Watch the video and find out, why did the COO at Leadoo Marketing Technologies Fredrik Rönnlund choose Åbo Akademi as his place of study - and what he has done since graduating. (Go to settings to turn on English subtitles.)