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Joint Application, Spring 2021

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In Turku, you can study technology in four higher education institutions:

The institutions in Turku produce technology and maritime experts for whom there is great demand and who have excellent employment opportunities.

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    University of Turku

    Information technology is changing the future. Machines will become intelligent and algorithms will help us in decision-making. Masters of Science in Information and Communication Technology graduated from the University of Turku are strong experts of information technology who are placed broadly in management and expert positions in different lines of business.

    Biotechnology is a discipline that unites nature and technology, covering applications from health care to industrial solutions. The expertise of Masters of Biotechnology is needed in medicine, food development, analytics, and the development of environmentally sound technologies.

    The Master of Materials Engineering programme focuses on the mechanical, electric and thermic properties of materials and their industrial applications. The Materials studies in Energy Technology look into the systems and materials for the production and storage of energy. It is also possible to specialise e.g. in health care technology applications.

    The studies in machine technology combine information technology with machine technology and allow the students to specialise e.g. in digital manufacturing, product design or intelligent systems.

    • Biotekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Biotechnology)
    • Konetekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Machine Technology)
    • Materiaalitekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Materials Engineering)
    • Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology)

    >> Studies in Technology (in Finnish)

    Åbo Akademi University

    Technology is used to build a sustainable future. Åbo Akademi University’s Master of Science training in chemical and process technology and information technology will provide you with understanding and know-how in a number of fields of technology while helping to solve the challenges of the future.

    As a Master of Information Technology you will lay the foundation for the digitalisation of society and industry. You will develop high-quality software and services as well as applications of the industrial internet which will enable sustainable development.

    As a Master of Chemical and Process Technology you will design cleaner processes for the industry and develop environmentally sound and health-promoting technologies.

    In Åbo Akademi University you will study technology in Swedish, but will complete most of the advanced studies in English. During the studies you will get language immersion that will increase your attraction on the labour market.

      Turku University of Applied Sciences

      Would you like to design something big in your life, such as ships? Or could you find a career in robotics, health care technology or game industry? As a Bachelor of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Technology you could contribute to the solving of complicated energy questions and means for the management of climate change.

      Turku University of Applied Sciences offers a broad selection of education in the field of technology. The range of education covers building and machine technology, ICT, chemical industry and vehicles. The traditional construction industry is also going digital, so experts with multiple skills are needed in many field of technology. You can combine the offering of different programmes according to your interests.

      • Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications TechnologyMaster of Engineering, Industrial Quality Management
      • Insinööri (AMK), ajoneuvo- ja kuljetustekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Automotive and Transportation Engineering)
      • Insinööri (AMK), bio- ja kemiantekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Bio and Chemical Engineering)
      • Insinööri (AMK), energia- ja ympäristötekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering)
      • Insinööri (AMK), konetekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
      • Insinööri (AMK), myynti-insinööri  (Bachelor of Engineering, Professional Sales)
      • Insinööri (AMK), rakennus- ja yhdyskuntatekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Civil and Community Engineering)
      • Insinööri (AMK), tieto- ja viestintätekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology)
      • Insinööri (AMK), tuotantotalous  (Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering)
      • Rakennusmestari (AMK)  (Bachelor of Engineering, Construction Management)
      • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), hajautettu energiatuotanto  (Master of Engineering, Decentralised Energy Production)
      • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), kemiantekniikka ja bioteknologia  (Master of Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)
      • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), kone- ja meritekniikka  (Master of Engineering, Machine and Maritime Technology)
      • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), ohjelmistotekniikka ja ICT  (Master of Engineering, Software Technology and ICT)
      • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), rakentaminen  (Master of Engineering, Construction)
      • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), teknologiaosaamisen johtaminen  (Master of Engineering, Technological Competence Management)
      • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), terveysteknologia  (Master of Engineering, Health Technology)

      >> Engineering degrees at Turku University of Applied Sciences (in Finnish)

      Novia University of Applied Sciences - Aboa Mare

      By getting trained in maritime industry you will ensure employment in a well-paid field. You can work either at sea or on land. Maritime professionals are needed e.g. on ships, in administration, shipping companies, ports, sea survey, and fairway maintenance.

      The seafaring industry is going digital and the technology on ships is developing at an accelerating pace. Modern mariners are also required to master the technology. Novia operates at the Aboa Mare campus an RDI unit where we use simulations to research the actions of people, test new technologies, and develop new solutions for the maritime industry. We also continuously develop new simulation tools and environments.

      Our school is internationally recognised, and we have students both from Finland and abroad.

      • Bachelor of Maritime Management, Captain
      • Bachelor of Engineering, Maritime Technology
      • Master of Engineering/Maritime Management, Maritime Management
      • Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations
      • Sea Captain, also as multi-form studies

      >> Training supply in Novia



      The TechCampus Turku promotes technology education and research in the four higher education institutions of Turku. At the same time, the campus unites the resources of the higher education institutions to support the product development and innovation activities of the local companies.

      The students are offered:
      - a strong system of higher education in technology and clear-cut degree programmes
      - straightforward and flexible education paths from Bachelor to Master of Engineering
      - a common  strategy in technology education plus complementing technology education profiles in different universities
      - vibrant and diverse contacts with the working life in all degree programmes
      - continuing education to meet the needs of businesses