5 Reasons to Choose Turku

In Finland and Turku you can:

  • Live in the most peaceful and sustainable country in the world
    (Fragile States Index 2016)
  • Study in the best higher education and training system in the world
    (World Economic Forum 2015)
  • Enhance your skills in the most innovative country in the world
    (World Economic Forum 2015)
  • Breathe the third cleanest air in the world
    (World Health Organisation 2016)
  • Join the other international students who love it here
    (Student Satisfaction Report 2015)

1. Education from the top of the world

Finland is a Nordic welfare state where equality is the fundamental ideology behind education. International rankings agree with us, Finland is a great place to study. Finnish higher education consists of two complementary sectors: universities promoting research and academic education, and universities of applied sciences (=UAS) offering professional higher education with close ties to the working life.
In Turku there is six higher education institutes.

2. City of students got it all

Turku offers plenty of historical attractions, contemporary art and incredible nature. Explore the city’s many restaurants, shops, bars and other free time activities. As a popular student city you get to meet people from different cultures all over the world. Student culture is active: 20 percent of Turku residents are higher education students. People of Turku, “turkulaiset”, are warm hearted, open minded and kind people.


3. Getting around is easy

In Turku everything is close. Turku is a fantastic city for cycling. Distances from place to place are short and traffic design favors bikes. The vast majority of people who live in less than ten kilometers from the city center cycle on a daily basis to work and school. In addition, the movement is easy thanks to a comprehensive local transport.

4. Outdoor wonders

Turku is city by the sea. The Turku Archipelago has more islands than any other archipelago in the world. It has also been described as the world's most beautiful archipelago. In addition there is three other national parks in Southwest Finland. Nature in near, it’s clean and magnificent – and it can be reached easily. Read more about outdoor recreations.


5. Living is affordable

Turku offers a wide range of housing options for students near the campuses and the centre. The price of housing is more student-friendly than in many other cities in Finland. Read more about student housing.

We sincerely hope you are going to have time of your life in our awesome city!