Career planning during studies

It is important to start planning your future career already during your studies. It's also important that you have gathered some work experience during your studying period,  regardless if the job has been an internship position, a summer job or some other type of work project course. Practical experience gives you a lot for the future.

Services provided by higher education institutes and other public organisations help you with your career planning and support you indentifying your own possibilites, interests and skills.

Higher education institutions' services

Higher education institutions (HEIs) in Turku provide career planning and job seeking services for students:

  • personal career guidance
  • group career coaching
  • simulated job interviews
  • internships
  • CV-clinics
  • working in Finland events and labour-market centered events.

Exactly to what extent, and what kind of services are provided differs from institution to institution. Please contact your own institution's Career services for more info:

Other public services

International House Turku brings together counselling and guidance services promoting and supporting the integration of immigrants and international newcomers in Turku and the Turku region. The services are offered in many languages, across multiple channels and they are easily accessible.

The employment services centre of the city of Turku, Työpiste, serves as an employment office for all Turku residents under the age of 25 or with a history of 12 months of employment or more.

Ohjaamo collects several services meant for under 30-year-olds under one roof. Ohjaamo is a low-threshold service point in the centre of Turku. It offers employment and rehabilitation services, as well as information and guidance services.

Public employment and business services offer lots of useful information about working in Finland.

Mentorship and ambassador programs

Higher education institutions offer mentorship programs. Check the institution that you study in what they offer.

Career events

In Turku, there are also career events where you can attend and meet future employers and widen your network. Find the events here: Career events |

Working and internships during studies - regulations

Do you have a residence permit and would like to work or do an internship during your studies? There are certain regulations that apply to you.  A student who has been granted a residence permit for studies may engage in gainful employment without restrictions if the employment consists of practical training (intership) or diploma work as part of a degree. During terms when lessons are given, the student is allowed to do an average of 25 hours of part-time work per week.

Students can work periodically according to the current situation. During holidays, that is, during summer and Christmas holidays, students can work full-time without hourly restrictions.

Read more:

Material for career planning

Here is some material to help you figure out your career path and make sure that you have your CV and application letter in order.

TEK –  Tekniikan akateemiset is an organization for engineers and architects. They offer a Työkirja, which is a manual for job searching and career planning. Make sure to check it out and get advices. offers a test for career planning as it is a self-assesment tool. There are three questionnaires, which you can take. You need to have a valid higher education institution's username to be able to do the tests.

Other helpful links

Business Finland offers Talent Explorer funding for Finnish companies to hire international talents to obtain new information and expertise of a new international market. It's a great opportunity for international students and graduates to get support for employment in Finnish companies. Read more:

Lyyti – an international company in Turku

Watch the video to find out what is it like to work at Lyyti, a software company specialising in event management. Lyyti is a very international company and one doesn't have to speak Finnish to work there. Good news: Lyyti is all the time recruiting and looking for new interesting  persons to join their teams!