Internships, summer jobs and part-time jobs

As a student you can work alongside your studies. You can for example have a part-time job and/or you can work during summer. Internship is often the first step for students towards work in their own field.

If you are looking for a job during your studies, higher education institutes’ services and other public services help you find job offers.

Higher education institutes' job databases for students

  • Job and internship adds for UTU students > Jobteaser
  • Job and internship adds for ÅAU students > Jobteaser
  • Job and internship adds for TUAS students > Messi or Facebook (mostly in Finnish)
  • Aarresaari

Other job databases

Here you can find useful links to other job databases where you can find jobs:

Part-time job in Finland

International students often look for a part-time job, as it's a good way to start networking outside the campus and integrate into the Finnish society. It also helps you to cover your living costs. Keep in mind when looking for a part-time job:

  • Be active and keep networking within and outside the campus.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated.
  • Ask help from the career services at your university.

Read more advice on Edunation website:

Summer job in Finland

During the summer break you can get yourself some practical work experience either in the shape of an internship or a summer job. Summer job is a very common thing in Finland. Most of the university and university of applied sciences students work full-time during the summer break.

Things to keep in mind when looking for a summer job or an internship:

  • The earlier you start looking, the better chances you have. Application period for summer jobs starts early: in January or sometimes even in December.
  • Be active and apply to many positions. You might need to apply to loads of positions to get a few interviews. Remember to customize your cover letter to different positions!
  • Networking is the key word. Contact companies, tell about yourself, ask questions.

More information:

Doing an internship abroad

Are you considering to do an internship abroad? It's a great way to gain relevant work experience during your studies. Finding internships in other countires might not be easy. This guide helps you to get answers to the most important questions: