Entrepreneurial career

Turku is a great place to start a company - setting up a business in Finland and Turku is quick and easy. International companies can access the same benefits as Finnish companies. Opening a legal enitity takes only a couple of weeks.

Here are some good programs and services to help you with your entrepreneurship journey in Turku. 

Startup programs and services for entrepreneurs

Starting a business? Turku Business Services offer a lot of useful information about becoming an entrepreneur, funding, business growth and so on. 

The Business Advisor of International House Turku helps you when you are thinking of starting a business or if your new business needs help with a specific problem.

Turku Business Region is another place to seek advice from when planning to start a business. Turku Business Region supports you every step of the way, from starting your business to dealing with authorities and navigating the twists and turns of entrepreneurial life.

Boost is a Turku-based entrepreneurship society of students and young entrepreneurs. It insipires and help young students become startup entrepreneurs.

Humak Creve is an incubator for businesses in the creative industries - and creative boost for other businesses. Humak Creve offers for example advising, business training and contacts.

Monttu Ventures is a development company focusing in early stage startsups which have a founder with a background in University of Turku, Åbo Akademi or Turku Universiyt of Applied Sciences. Monttu Ventures help promising companies, share the knowledge of their shareholders and provide the services of their business partners.

See how startup entrepreneur Cameron Murphy describes Finnish startup scene:

Entrepreneurship networks of higher education institutions

Higher education institutions have their own entrepreneurship networks. Check them out below:

Entrepreneurship self-assessment 

Yoop web tool helps you to map your entrepreneurship competence acquired outside formal education. It also helps you to apply for the recognition of prior learning as part of your degree to earn credits. You can also make a self-assessment of your entrepreneurship competence. 

More information about starting a business

Career in Southwest Finland offers information for starting entrepreneurs in Turku and other parts of Southwest Finland.

Business Finland offers a great amount of information and covers topics from Finnish business environment to business opportunities. It also offers services for start up companies in Finland: funding, advice, information and contacts.