Taxation in Finland

In Finland you pay income tax on your income. The taxation is progressive which means that your tax rate depends on how big is your income. If you come to work in Finland from another country, your taxation depends on how long you will stay in Finland and whether your employer is a Finnish or foreign company.

A withholding tax percentage is calculated separately for everyone in Finland. Your employer withholds taxes directly from your salary and will need your tax card for that purpose. You can order the tax card via the MyTax online service on the Finnish Tax Administration website. When ordering the card you'll need the following information: the amount of any study grants, wages or other taxable income that has been paid to you, the tax withheld on them and estimation of any future incomes.

Keep an eye on your income

As a student you don't nececcarily need a tax card in Finland. You only need one for employment income. If your income only consists of your study grant, you don't need to pay tax on the study grant. But if you do have income from other sources too, then you will have to pay tax on your study grant as well.

Housing allowance doesn't have an effect on your withholding rate so you don't need to include it when you request a tax card.

If you have more than one employers you can use the same tax card for all of them. It's important to keep an eye on your income so that it doesn't go over the ceiling value printed on your card. If it does, you may have to pay taxes back later. That's why it's important to ask for a new tax card if it looks like your income will exceed the limit stated on your tax card.

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