Support on the way to work

Sometimes combining one’s personal life and working life requires personally tailored and active solutions that take into account both personal abilities and also personal restrictions.

The professionals at Työpiste help you in finding the suitable way to working life for you. After the information session held every Monday, you have the possibility to listen to a short presentation about the services provided by our multisectoral team.

Rehabilitative work activities

Rehabilitative work activities increase the ability of the long-term unemployed to start working: during the work activities the unemployed are offered personal guidance and supervision through different work tasks or group activities.    

The city of Turku offers rehabilitative work activities for example at Valmennuspiste. The city also purchases rehabilitative work activities from multiple service producers, mainly from organizations.

To whom?

Rehabilitative work activities are directed to those long-term unemployed persons who do not yet possess the prerequisites for a work trial or pay-subsidized work. It is possible to get into rehabilitative work activities after an evaluation made by professionals from the social services of Turku or Työpiste in collaboration with the customer.

During rehabilitative work activities the unemployed receive labor market subsidy and expenses compensation. The city also pays the travel costs to the work place.

Lähtöpiste is a new position for rehabilitative work activities on Käsityöläiskatu. During a three months period you can clarify your thoughts about working life, your personal resources and future possibilities. You can join inflexibly and quickly. There are four hours of activities once a week. 

Health care for the unemployed

The health care for the unemployed is at Työpiste, Käsityöläiskatu 10. 


Työpiste serves as a TYP-office. The services for the TYP-customers are now located under the same roof. Through us you will reach services of the TE Office, KELA, workers of the social and health services and the career planners of Työpiste.

TYP= employment facilitating multi-sectoral joined service. The customer is in the need of multi-sectoral joined services, when their situation requires reconciliation of the services of the TE Office, the city and KELA.