Take a walk and put Turku on the map!

The city of Turku accepted the challenge of the City of Oulu and is now participating in the ‘Whole City is Walking’ campaign between 15 and 31 August 2015. In addition to Turku, also Vantaa and our dear rival Tampere have entered the competition.

Join us and move Turku to victory!

Take a step towards a more active lifestyle by walking, running (on land or water), playing, dancing or even just doing some yard work!

How to participate?

Enter your estimation on the distance you walked during the campaign into the map application that will be published on this page. Also submit your contact information if you want to participate in the prize draw. Prizes include activity trackers, heart rate monitors, sports tickets, culture tickets and gift cards.

You can also participate in the campaign by filling a participation card and returning it by 3 September 2015 to one of the following locations: Turku-piste, the city’s libraries, Impivaara Swimming Centre or Samppalinna Swimming Stadium.

Below is a table of average correlations between steps and kilometers:




1 540


3 080


4 615


7 690


11 540


15 380

Estimated length of step:
adults and adolescents: 65 cm
children under 12 years: 35 cm

Estimated step count for water running/exercises:
30 min 1920 steps = approx. 1,2 km

One lap around the world is approximately 78 million steps!

Turku keeps making history even today. The comfortable and charismatic university city evolves and grows boldly with the aim of promoting business life and the citizens’ quality of life in a sustainable way. Turku is also a forerunner when it comes to activating people to exercise. Practical sports service paths contribute to health and well-being and they have been built from health centres and child welfare clinics through the Sports Services Centre to sports club activity.