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If you arrive to Finland from Ukraine, you are allowed to stay for 90 days without a visa, apply for temporary protection or asylum. At the moment, it is best to apply for temporary protection. (Updated October 7th.)

17.12.2022 16.00

Service of English Carols and Christmas Lessons

You are cordially welcomed to hear the Bible and sing Christmas carols!


Seasonal influenza vaccinations for the adult population will begin in Turku on 31 October at the vaccination reception at Satakunnantie 105. Vaccinations are administered at the reception every weekday between 8:15 and 15:45 in November and December. Vaccinations for children, young people and pregnant persons start earlier.


Have you ever wondered what everyday life was like for a real princess many years ago? Take a journey with Princess Catherine Jagiellon and find out! 


The temporary facilities of Varissuo health station are located in Kupittaa (Untamonkatu 1B). During the move, the health station will be closed from 7 to 11 October 2022. The Varissuo health station will open in the temporary facilities on Wednesday 12 October.


Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine is slowing down economic growth, food prices continue to rise rapidly, and energy and fuel prices have also increased considerably. We gathered information on the assistance and support available for financial difficulties in the Turku region.

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