käsienpesu, hygienia, hygieniapassa
Please see the instructions

The City of Turku has a special coronavirus telephone service for Turku residents, tel. +358 2 266 2714, which serves you from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The most important thing is to rest at home if you have some symptoms of a flu in case your general condition is good. (Updated 26 March at 9 a.m.)


On 2 March, the health stations of Turku will begin using a single phone number to make appointments, which currently serves as the phone number of the city centre health station (+358 (0)2 266 1130).

Kauppatorin Monitori
Several Services Under the Same Roof

The joint customer service centre of the City of Turku and Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Monitori Market Square will open its services at the street level of the Shopping Centre KOP-Kolmio in June 2020. The new customer service centre will centralize various services at one spot and will make them more easily accessible. The whole customer service centre of Kela in Eerikinkatu Street will be transferred to the Monitori Market Square.

luminous turun linna
Congratulations Finland 100 years!

Luminous Finland 100 Tour will culminate in an art fusion of various artforms and tens of artists on the Independence Day of Finland, 6th December, in Turku Castle. As one part of the Turku Castle work there is an environmental art ensemble called Suomen luonto, The Nature of Finland, with tens of dancers, a choir, fire artists and aerial acrobats. You can enjoy light art already on the 5th December between 4 p.m. and midnight.

Vignette: What is My Kanta? What are eHealth services?

The Runosmäki and city centre Health Centres offer instructions for the use of the My Kanta service and eHealth Services in April and May.