The strike organised by the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) will impact the services offered by Youth Services at Vimma. Furthermore, all youth facilities and youth workshop Fendari will be closed. All open art workshops and Christmas workshops at Vimma will be cancelled for the duration of the strike.

Two women standing next to each other
Hidden value of tenant committees

What are the tenant committees, why do they exist and what do they do? Only a few know what tenant committees are about and what are their main tasks and responsibilities. At the beginning of September, the boardmembers of the tenant committee Tero Ahlgren, Jan Suortamo from Student Village West and Marianna Petrova and Neea Leino from Aitiopaikka had a chat on what the committees bring to students living at TYS.

Neljä campassportin tuutoria
Sports with support and a friend!

Are you interested in starting to exercise but need someone to support and encourage you?

Neljä uutta opiskelijaa Study in Turku -messuilla
Seven part series

Turku <3 Students. There is an inseparable connection between these two. Students make the city lively, diverse and attractive.

Four steps to your dream career -discussion series are coming to Turku for the first time
Time to kickstart your career

The first session of Four Steps to Your Dream Career is organised on the 8th of October in the ICT-city Building in auditorio Gamma at 17 to 19. The theme of this session is “Achieving your goals”. In this event you will get useful insights, tools and tips on how to get your dream job and achieve your career goals.


Youth of Turku will from September onwards have the unique opportunity to be able to get up close and personal with world class instruments and music devices. Turku Rock Academy launches 23.10. at Aura Brewery the all new monthly event series, where for one night it is possible to test the products created by top players of the Finnish music industry.

Free, open to everyone, no age limit

Turku Rock Academy’s popular band clinics continue in the autumn. Music experts from different branches of the business will be heard for nine evenings during the fall. Whether you are young or old, music professional or an amateur, you are welcome to listen, learn and be inspired!

Nuoret vapaa-ajan vietossa.
Vacation or no?

Summer is the best time for a holiday, but what happens if you just enjoy your time off and it catches up with you in the autumn in the form of your account balance. A classic dilemma that students face every spring. In my time, I ended up choosing combination solutions and perhaps eating a little bit more Myllyn paras wheat macaroni.

Summer + Turku = <3

Many students start their summer on May Day or with the riverside pub crawl AATU (Akateeminen Aurajokilaivuritutkinto), at the latest. There’s no shortage of things to do in Turku in the summer, whether you’re on holiday, attending summer courses or working for the summer.

koulupoika katsoo kameraan
Inspiring and child-based language education

The pupils of the 1st grade in the school year 2019-20 will be the first age group to start learning an A1 Language already in the first grade.