Five new cities

The Rock Academy operational model, invented by the City of Turku’s Youth Services, sparks interest across Finland. It is now possible to test the operational model in new cities thanks to the significant grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture. A total of 587 000€ was awarded for the years 2019-2020.

Juha Kurrin valokuvanäyttely Kalpeat varjot -yhtye
Juha Kurri's photo exhibit 22.3.–30.4. at Café Vimma

The opening of Juha Kurri’s photo exhibit will take place at Café Vimma on Friday 22nd March. Kurri has for long taken pictures for Turku Rock Academy and different bands taking part in TRA’s activities. Chance has played a big role in Kurri’s pictures and it is also his passion in photography.

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In early childhood education and basic education, the doors are closed on Thursday and Friday (October 18 & 19). Turku Vocational Institute (TAI) and upper secondary schools are on holiday for the entire week (October 15-19). Day care centers, and other institutes operate according to their own schedules.

New ideas related to students and Turku

What do the students of Turku need more of? Do the students have a need for an event, application or course or would you like to develop student services in some other way? Apply for Study in Turku project subsidies to turn your idea into reality. The application period is valid until 16 November 2018.

Liikkuva koulu - ruutuhyppely
The project in Turku inspires nationally

The Ministry of Education has given the cities of Turku and Oulu a Finnish Schools on the Move award. The awards, worth 5 000 euros, were donated from the revenue of Veikkaus Oy. The awarded sum will be used to promote physical activity among pupils or in the school environment.

luminous turun linna
Congratulations Finland 100 years!

Luminous Finland 100 Tour will culminate in an art fusion of various artforms and tens of artists on the Independence Day of Finland, 6th December, in Turku Castle. As one part of the Turku Castle work there is an environmental art ensemble called Suomen luonto, The Nature of Finland, with tens of dancers, a choir, fire artists and aerial acrobats. You can enjoy light art already on the 5th December between 4 p.m. and midnight.