Minister of Education and Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, in Turku

Minister of Education and Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, visited Turku on Monday, 20 March. Grahn-Laasonen visited the Lauste school, which has quite positive experiences on the integration of a large number of immigrant students, and which is an active participant in the Schools on the Move project.

koululaiset portailla
The survey was answered by the schools’ staff, students, and the students’ guardians

A quality survey of basic education was carried out in all Finnish- and Swedish-speaking comprehensive schools in Turku for the third time this winter. The survey was sent to the staff and students, but also the guardians of the students. The results are mainly positive, and the students like going to their school. Satisfaction with the operations of the schools is mainly on a high level.

Miro ja Tom Brahenkellarista

In cooperation with the Turku Vocational Institute, the Turku Apprenticeship Centre has developed a new and flexible study path for young people.


The City of Turku Youth Services has organised the Turku Rock Academy for five years, and this year, the Academy will start cooperation with Radio Rock in March. Band coaching has been amped up with managerial activities and future cooperation with the Concorde Music Company, as well as the NEM Agency event production company in Tampere.


The upper secondary schools in Turku and the Turku Vocational Institute are doing their part to support families who relocate to Turku in settling down smoothly by making sure that the children can continue the studies they started in their previous home town in corresponding training in their new home city.


The Ambassador Network of South-West Finland aims at supporting the internationalisation of the region through its international talents. Goal is to make South-West Finland more international and a well-known place to do business, study and live, and we are doing this together!

Opiskelijamessuilla voi löytää uuden harrastuksen. Uudet opiskelijat tutustuvat RSGT-messuilla yhdistysten esittelypisteisiin.
Ready, Study, Go Turku

Ready, Study, Go Turku -event is organised now for the seventeenth time by the City of Turku in co-operation with the local universities. The fair will be held on Thursday 1st of September 2016 at 10 am–4 pm.

A unique opportunity!

Is the future open? No place to go studying, not too much money either? Come with us to Netherlands and Serbia, get to know new people and cultures. All costs will be covered.