Turku 2011 facts

Turku has been on fire dozens of times over the centuries.
Now we burn again – with excitement and desire to make Turku an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Application book: Turku on Fire

Organisation 2008-2012

  • Board of the Turku 2011 foundation, Chair Minister Christoffer Taxell + 14 members
  • Turku 2011 Council, Chair Principal of University of Turku Keijo Virtanen + 50 member
  • Office of the Turku 2011 foundation, MD Cay Sevón + up to 41 workers, 41 workers at Logomo


Total volume of M€55.5 between 2008 and 2012, of which M€39 through the foundation’s budget.

  • City of Turku M€17.8
  • state M€17.3
  • region and partner cities M€4.6
  • business partnerships M€3.0
  • participation fees, ticket income, etc. M€4.4
  • In-kind M€3.6
  • other funding M€4.7

Distribution of the total budget 2008–2012 (including the foundation and programme projects):

  • cultural programme 65%
  • marketing and communications 16%
  • administration 11%
  • other 8%

The average funding share of the Turku 2011 foundation per project was €71,600 = 41%. 
The funding granted to the projects of the Turku 2011 foundation was in total M€12.
the liability share of the 167 projects came to M€17.

In total, 337,000 entrance tickets were sold. An average ticket prize was €11.7.

The work invested in the project was 800 person-years. The person-years invested in Turku 2011 founda-tion and Logomo totalled 127.


167 programme projects:

  • city events – 33
  • exhibitions and fine art – 36
  • design, architecture and handcrafts – 8
  • music – 21
  • theatre, dance, circus and performance art – 31
  • films, animation and media art – 8
  • literature and word art – 4
  • children and young people – 12
  • research and development – 14

Events and producers:

  • 8,200 various events
  • 23,000 artists and producers, nearly 2,000 from elsewhere in Europe and other continents, from 68 foreign countries in total
  • 13,000 volunteers 

Numbers of visitors:

  • 2.2 million visits to Capital of Culture events
  • 248,000 visitors to the year’s main arena Logomo


  • Market value of media visibility M€57.5 (domestic 37.2 + international 20.3)
  • 700 journalist visitors, 500 from abroad
  • 654,000 visitors on Turku 2011 website

Production impacts

Research by the Turku School of Economics:


  • M€260 in Finland Proper (the number is based on the consumption of 15–79-year-old Finns that visited Turku for the Capital of Culture year)
  • 3,300 person years

Research results

  • 97% of projects succeeded well, based on their own estimate
  • 91% of projects built new, long-term contacts and networks in Finland and abroad
  • 85% of the Finns participating in the events of the Capital of Culture year were satisfied with the events available
  • 75% of projects feel that their operational conditions within the field of culture were improved
  • 29% of Finns are aware of what Logomo is after the year

Turku’s image as a European culture city increased.
Turku’s culture life is now garnering more interest than before, everywhere in Finland.

The ‘Culture does good’ operations that spread over to the city’s public premises and encouraged participation improved the citizens’ image of their home city and themselves, as well as the image that other Finns have of Turku.