Birthday Parties at Turku Castle

NB. Birthday parties are not arranged in the Turku Castle for the time being.

Additional information

  • Languages: Finnish and Swedish
  • Duration: 1 h 30 min
  • Maximum group size: 15 persons
  • Birthday parties are organized during the Castle’s opening hours

Prices (catering included)

  • On weekdays180 € / 10 children, for bigger groups 18 € / child
  • On Sundays 230 € / 10 children, for bigger groups 23 € / child
  • One adult gets free admission with groups consisting of 5–7-year-olds

Contact information

It is possible to have an organized children’s birthday party at Turku Castle. The birthday event can be either in Finnish or Swedish.

Birthday at Turku Castle

What did the Castle look like in the Middle Ages? This and much more can be found out during the Little Knights’ Tour. The tour will culminate in a meeting with a king or queen at the Knights’ Hall where the little knights in training will be knighted as Little Knights of Turku Castle with pomp and ceremony. As an alternative to the Little Knights’ tour you can choose the Renaissance themed Court Tour.

  • Age recommendation: 5 years and up