Children’s Castle

Children’s Castle includes Knights’ Hall, Castle Workshop, Castle-Elf’s treasure chamber, and the Mini-court of Duke John which illustrates life in the 16th century.

In the Knights’ Hall you can dress up as a castle maiden or try on armour and a helmet. At the Castle-Elf’s treasure chamber you will see the treasures of the Castle-Elf guarded by a wolf. The Mini-court is an accurate model of Turku Castle, with which you can take a peek at life during Duke John.

The Castle Workshop organizes open activities during holidays that you can participate in by paying just the normal entrance fee. More accurate opening hours are announced on the Workshop site. The Castle Workshop also organizes various fun courses for children.

Popular family events and guided tours suitable for children are organized at Turku Castle.

NB. Due to Covid-19 the costumes in the Knights's hall are not available.