Guided Tours for Children

Contact information
Tel. +358 (0)2 262 0322

Good to know

  • Outside opening hours an attendant is needed to open and close the Castle, so a fee of 60 €/beginning hour will be charged from all guided tours taking place outside opening hours, and no group discount will be given for the entrance fee.
  • A reservation may be cancelled free of charge 48 hours before the tour

The Middle Ages Tour

  • Learn what the everyday life and festivities were like hundreds of years ago in Turku Castle. You will also take a peek at the jail and hear about Gustav Vasa and Jaakko Ilkka. The tour is suitable for all ages.
  • Price
    On Weekdays 75 € + entrance fee
    On Sundays 110 € + entrance fee
  • Duration: 1 h. Max 35 people per group.
  • Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian

Little Knights’ Tour

  • You will go treasure hunting in the medieval part of the Castle and hear exciting stories about the lives of knights and other inhabitants of the Castle. The tour will culminate in a ceremony with a member of royalty. You will return from your adventure as a Little Knight of Turku Castle! The tour is suitable for five-year-olds and above and for 1st–3rd grade pupils.
  • Price
    On Weekdays 110 € + entrance fee
    On Sundays 145 € + entrance fee
  • Languages: Finnish, Swedish, Russian

There are also workshops for children!