Please note

  • The museum passageways are not accessible by pram or stroller.
  • Physically challenged persons should have a helper with them. Helpers get free admission.
  • The castle can be toured with a guide dog.
  • Only some areas are accessible by a wheelchair. It is possible to borrow a wheelchair from the information desk.

Before becoming a museum in the 19th century, Turku Castle served as a fortification and a stronghold for more than 600 years. The Castle was designed to be as inaccessible as possible. Only some areas are accessible by a wheelchair.

Please note that the passageways between halls and rooms are not accessible by pram or stroller.

Fully accessible entrance

A fully accessible entrance is located in the Western Tower on the side of the Castle facing the harbour. There is a telephone at the gate from which it is possible to call the information desk and ask the staff to unlock the doors.

The entrance goes through the bottom room of the Western Tower into the courtyard. The stone paving has been smoothed to make it easier to pass. There is a slope that leads to the great hall on the second floor and to the Castle Church on the third floor. Through the Church is a passage to the sacristy. The Southern exhibition hall and the Bryggman hall, which serves as a lecture hall, are located on the top floor. A stair lift on the sixth floor goes to the Bryggman hall. There is an accessible toilet along the way.

NB: The accessible entrance via the Western Tower is closed during snowy winters and large events in the Castle Park. For additional information, please contact the ticket office, tel. +358-2-2620300.