Newspapers, magazines and e-resources

Read newspapers and magazines

  • The lists of newspapers and magazines contain all subscriptions

  • The list of newspapers and magazines in stacks contains older newspapers and magazines
  • Newspaper and magazine stacks are in the Main Library
  • Materials in open stacks (non-fiction department, 2nd floor of the new Main Library building) are available without request

Stack materials can be requested at the service desks of all libraries. Requested materials can be picked up at the reception of the Main Library on the first working day after making the request from 2 PM.

Several old newspapers are available in microfilm format. They can be used on the microfilm reader in the non-fiction department (Main Library).

  • Request microfilms and book microfilm reader at or at the non-fiction department, tel. 02 2620 629, 02 2620 630
  • Microfilms are available on the first working day after making the request.

The library also subscribes to hundreds of online newspapers and magazines. You can get remote access to most of these on your own computer or tablet. See the Vaski web library for more information on e-newspapers and magazines.

As a customer at Turku City Library, you can use the following e-materials at the library (either on library computers or on a computer that has been connected to the library’s Wi-Fi).

HS Aikakone and HS Päivän lehti
The HS Aikakone service includes more than 30000 newspapers beginning from 1889. The electronical newspaper archive also includes a large collection of Helsingin Sanomat’s other magazines.

Rockway offers singing and musical instrument lessons in Finnish.

National Biography of Finland
An online collection of over one hundred Finnish biographies.

A Swedish encyclopedia online. Includes articles, dictionaries and the country info package Världens länder. Nationalencyklopedin can also be used at home. Login to Nationalencyklopedin here.

Rakennustiedon verkkopalvelut
A versatile site about construction information.

A large digitalized collection of English literature from the 15th and 18th centuries

High quality dictionaries in Finnish-Swedish-Finnish and Finnish-English-Finnish.