Other Services

The library’s wireless network

  • The library’s wireless network is Turku-Open.
  • You can access the network by logging in with a public username and password (new password monthly).
  • You will find the username and the password at the information desks.

Reservations for digitizing

  • Main Library, tel. +358 (0)2 2620 658
  • Ilpoinen library, tel. +358 (0)2 2620 764
  • Varissuo library, tel. +358 (0)2 2620 777

The library offers much more than just books, magazines and music. Check out our wide selection of services!

Åbok online service

  • Is an online service that helps the library's customers find new and interesting reading and provides the opportunity to browse the shelves virtually.
  • Åbok gives the user a stream of books to choose from.
  • Åbok gives the user a stream of books to choose from, even solely on the basis of the book cover. The online service also shows on the floor plan of the main library, in which shelf the book is located. 
  • www.abok.fi

Digital services

  • In the music department of the Main Library it is possible to digitize LP records, compact cassettes.
  • In the News Area you can use a 3D printer and an electronic magnifying device.

Musical instruments

It is possible to borrow musical instruments at the Main Library's music department. The instruments must also be returned to the music department. The loan period is 14 days.

  • 3 concert ukuleles
  • steel-string guitar
  • nylon string guitar
  • tenor ukulele
  • 3 five-string kantele instruments

Music room

  • In the instrument playing room of the Main Library you can play the piano, electric piano, or your own instrument free of charge.
  • Make a reservation with your library card at the music department.

Load your bus card

  • A Turku Region Public Transport bus card can be loaded at the reception desk of the Main Library and at Monitori in Skanssi. Cash and cards are both accepted.

Culture Card

  • A library card functions also as a Culture Card with which you can get benefits and offers as well as topical information about the rich selection of culture in the City of Turku

Borrow an energy consumption meter

  • Energy consumption meters and step counters can be borrowed from the Non-Fiction departmen. Step counters are available also in Runosmäki and Varissuo libraries as well as in mobile libraries.

Civil activity

  • A folder for citizens’ initiatives at the News Square (Uutistori) of the Main Library offers an easy way of exploring citizens’ initiatives and leaving statements of support in paper form. The library supports citizens’ participation and civil activity also by offering space for petitions.
  • To collect names you will need permission from the Library Services Director.

Printing and copying

  • A4, black and white €0.20
  • A3, black and white €0.40
  • A4, colored €0.80
  • A3, colored €1.00 
  • Scanning a PDF file to a memory stick or e-mail  €0.00

Other fees

  • Vaski plastic bag, 2 €
  • Vaski fiber bag, 2 €
  • Paper bag, 0,50 €
  • Postcards, 1-2 €
  • Memory game, 15 €
  • The library of our dreams (book about Turku Main Library), 32 €