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Turku City Library

The City of Turku offers library services in the Main Library, 10 branch libraries, one service point in the Skanssi shopping centre and two mobile libraries.

In the Main Library there are several event and exhibition spaces and many reading spots. Branch libraries function as community centres of their local areas and, in additoin to knowledge, experiences, and information technology, offer group activities and a gateway to other services in the area.

Vaski libraries of Finland Proper

Library customers can use the services of all Vaski libraries and the Vaski Online Library with one library card. Vaski libraries are a consolidation of libraries in the Finland Proper region. Vaski libraries share a web library, library card, terms of use and transport service.

The Vaski online library is a round-the-clock service. You can, for example

  • search for materials and renew loans
  • check the contact information and opening hours of libraries
  • explore electronic content, such as ebooks
  • read about current events