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Turku Day

Turku Day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of September. Thus, the date is not fixed even if the time of the year is. In the following years, Turku Day will be celebrated on 18th of September 2022, 17th of September 2023 and 15th of September 2024.

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Turku Day has been celebrated since 1961. This event, held annually on the third Sunday of September, is celebrated all over the city with all kinds of different activities and performances, offering lots to see and experience. 

Turku Day has long traditions and the program usually includes music, dance, sports, virtual content, and much more. During the day several museums offer free entries, and many participating organisations will open their doors to the public. Turku Day is organised by The City of Turku, together with local organisations, companies, and associations.

The Turku Day celebrations culminate in the traditional fireworks on the Samppalinna Hill (Samppalinnanmäki) at 9 pm. 

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