Turku Day 15.9.

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9.00−18.00 Open doors in the Turku Cathedral on Turku Day
Tuomiokirkonkatu 1

Turku Cathedral is regarded as one of the major records of Finnish architectural history. The Cathedral opens its doors for the public on Turku Day. Holy Communion from 10 am to 11.20 am.

9.00−19.00 Catholic Church on Turku Day
Ursininkatu 15 a

Welcome to the church of Saint Bridget’s and Blessed Hemming’s Parish. Masses at 9 am in Latin, 10.30 am in Finnish, 1 pm in Tagalog and 6 pm in English. Masses last approximately for an hour.

9.00−20.00 Trampolin Park & Well Gym
Kärsämäentie 8

Trampolin Park offers all jumping hours for 10 €/h for the whole weekend. Open doors in Well Gym for the whole weekend. Free entry from 9 am to 8 pm.


10.00−11.20 Holy communion in Turku Cathedral
Tuomiokirkonkatu 1

Holy communion in Turku Cathedral on Turku Day.

10.00−13.30 Sea Sunday in Saint Michael’s Church
St. Michael’s Church, Puistokatu 16 and St. Michael’s Parish House, Puistokatu 13

Sea Sundays mass in Saint Michael’s Church at 10 am. Sea’s Celebration at St. Michael’s Parish House from 11.30 am. Coffee, music and singing at the Sea’s Celebration.

10.00−14.00 Open doors in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Linnankatu 3, entry next to the old Panini

The city of Turku invites all visitors to this historical sanctuary. A guide in the chapel tells about its history in Finnish, Swedish and in English. Maximum capacity of the chapel is 50 people at a time.

10.00−14.00 Turku Day in Central Fire Station
Eerikinkatu 35

Visitors can explore the new equipment of the Emergency Service and old vehicles dating back over a hundred years. Museum Kellari tells the history of the rescue effort from the late 19th century to the present day.

10.00−15.00 Kakolanmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant 10 years!
Entry from the corner of Sofiankatu and Korkeavuorenkatu

Jokke River Train circulates guests inside the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Musicians of the Turku Conservatory provide entertainment. Free shuttle bus service is offered to guests of Turku Day between Kakolanmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant – Centre – the Turku Waterworks Museum.

10.00−15.00 Turku Day on Kävelykatu

The pedestrian zone of Yliopistonkatu is filled with parliamentary parties, local businesses and organizations on Turku Day. There will also be stage program in the event.

10.00−15.00 Oral health care on Kävelykatu on Turku Day

Dental hygienist on site to give instructions for oral self-care. Come and find out useful tips and the latest news on oral health.

10.00−15.30 Free sightseeing sailings at Storbåt AURA on the Aura river
Linnankatu 72

The boat accommodates 12 passengers at a time. Reservations and departure from the stern of Suomen Joutsen. Departures every hour on the hour from 10 am to 3 pm. Weather conditions permitting.

10.00−16.00 Open doors at the information container
Turku Market Square

Free instant lottery where you can win prizes related to Turku. Guide and researcher Maria Carpelan from Muuritutkimus Ky presents archaeological excavations and artefacts.

10.00−16.00 Day as a market vendor
Turku Market Square

On Turku Day the Turku Market Square is opened for flea market vendors. Flea market booths are free of charge and will be replenished in the order of entry starting at 7 am.

10.00−16.00 Open doors in the mosque of Turku Islamic Society
Yliopistonkatu 7

Mosque welcomes guests of all ages from 10 am to 1 pm and again from 2 pm to 4 pm. Serving free coffee and juice. Please leave your shoes on the shelf in the hallway.

10.00−17.00 Turku Day in the Botanical Garden
Ruissalon puistotie 215

To celebrate Turku Day the Botanical Garden offers reduced admission for 5 €. Children under the age of 7 visit the Garden for free. Free access to the outdoor garden.

Open doors in City Museums:


  • Turku Day in Pharmacy Museum and The Qwensel House
  • Turku Day in The Biological Museum
  • Turku Day in Kylämäki Village, Esihistoria esille – event from 11 am to 5 pm
  • Turku Day in Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum
  • Turku in Turku Castle
  • Turku Day in Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art

10.00−18.00 Turku Day in Forum Marinum
Linnankatu 72

Museum ships and exhibitions are open for a reduced price, also offering a change to climb to the mast of Suomen Joutsen. Turku Day Pass 10 €. Turun Seudun Mobilistit showcase old motor engines and cars from 10 am to 3 pm.  Male voice chorus Laulun Ystävät performs for free at 3 pm. Pikkuföri operates across the river from 1 pm to 8 pm.

10.00−18.00 Martta doll exhibition
Vanha Suurtori 3

Turun Marttayhdistys celerates its 120th birthday this year and organizes a Martta doll exhibition in honor of the anniversary year.

10.00−19.00 A piece of Turku in the style of MBakery
Myllynkatu 1 / Itäinen Rantakatu 4−6

Enjoy a Kiss my Turku cake in honor of Turku Day in MBakerys cafés. Take the Cake – Shopping centre Mylly 10.00−19.00, M Kitchen & Café – In the premises of Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova 11.00−19.00. 

10.00−21.00 Turku Day Appro

City of Turku invites students to explore their hometown and participate in the free Turku Day Appro.

10.00−22.00 Turku Day room escapes, Escape Artist Room Escape
Yliopistonkatu 33 / Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21−23

Play The Creepy Circus, The Hunter, Battle Ships or The Crime Scene –room escapes for only 60 €/room. More info and resevations in advance on: www.escapeartist.fi.


11.00−11.50 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä: Pate, viidakon kuningas
Seikkailupuisto, Kupittaankatu 2

Timo Parvela’s popular book transforms to a musical adventure in the hands of Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä and T4 live band. Show in Helmiteltta. Age recommendation 5+. Tickets 8 €.

11.00−13.00 Body maintenance with Tanssitiimi on Turku Day
Tuureporinkatu 13 e 80

Free trials to celebrate Turku Day: Organic Movement from 11 am to 12 pm and Hatha Flow from 12 pm to 1 pm. Classes will be held in Finnish and in English. Sign up via text message +358447753270.

11.00−14.00 Open doors in Vuokkokoti
Murkionkatu 10

Welcome to the Vuokkokoti premises. The first tour starts at 11.30 am, and from then onwards a new tour starts every half an hour. Last tour at 1.30 pm.

11.00−15.00 Open port on Turku Day
Tour starts from Forum Marinum, Linnankatu 72

Welcome to explore the operations of the modernizing harbor. The guided bus and waterbus tours start from Forum Marinum.

11.00−15.00 Event day of SPR Turku
Kauppiaskatu 12 a 5, 2nd and 4th floor

The Turku Department of the Finnish Red Cross opens the doors of its premises to all the people on Turku Day and presents its activities to the whole family.

11.00−15.00 Open doors in the Turku Waterworks Museum  
Halistentie 4

Free admission on Turku Day. Guides will answer questions and Turun Vesihuolto Oy offers pea soup in front of the museum to the first 300 visitors and a free shuttle bus service from the Waterworks Museum to the Kakolanmäki Wastewater Plant.

11.00−16.00 Open doors in the Turku Lazaret Museum
Kiinanmyllynkatu 4−8

Walking tour of Kiinanmyllynmäki begins at 11 am in front of the museum. Museum is open from 12 pm to 4 pm. The museum presents the history of medicine and Tyks, and also exhibits the history of the children's clinic.

11.00−16.00 Turku Day in Sibelius-museum
Piispankatu 17

Free admission in honor of Turku Day. Sigynella choir performs at 12 pm. Soi torpat ja salongit concert at 2 pm.

11.00−16.00 The shop of Valmennuspiste is open on Turku Day
Luostarin välikatu

Handmade products made in Pansio for sale.

11.00−16.00 Turku Day in Iso-Puolala
Puolalanpuisto 7

Welcome to Iso-Puolala on Turku Day. Share your memories or create new ones. Shop Iso-Puolalan Vintti is also open.

11.00−18.00 Free horse races on Turku Day
Metsämäki racing track, Vanha Tampereentie 235

The main event of Turku horse race season offers free horse races on Sunday. Program starts at 11 am. Pony races at 12 pm and horse races from 4 pm to 5.30 pm.

11.00−18.00 Open doors at the home of Paavo Nurmi
Jarrumiehenkatu 4 as 17

The home of Paavo Nurmi, Finland’s runner legend, is open for public on Turku Day.

11.00−18.00 Yard sale at Itäharju
Residential area of Itäharju

Yard sale at the idyllic residential area of Itäharju. The event is located in the courtyards and streets of Itäharju.

11.00−19.00 Turku Day in Aboa Vetus & Ars Novassa
Itäinen Rantakatu 4−6

Free admission in honor of Turku Day. An archaeologist will be present in the courtyard of the museum from 11 am to 2 pm to present the excavations of the past summer.

11.15−18.00 Singing lessons at Ääniräätäli on Turku Day
Ääniräätäli, Toivolankatu 5

Ääniräätäli offers 30 minute singing lessons at a bargain price of 35 € (normal 49 €) in honor of Turku Day. Sign up for Turku Day Singing Lessons by 13.9.: www.aaniraatali.fi.

11.30−15.30 Open doors in the Orthodox Church of Saint Alexandra
Yliopistonkatu 19

The Turku Orthodox Church is open on Turku Day. Welcome to visit the church designed by architect C. L. Engel.


12.00 Sigynella choir in Sibelius-museum
Piispankatu 17

Sigynella choir (dir. Terhi Lehtovaara) performs at Sibelius-museum. Free admission.

12.00−12.15 Anamaria Rusi live on Turku Day
Yliopistonkatu 27

Pop star Anamaria Rusi who charmed on Voice of Finland releases a new single in September. Anamaria performs the song for the first time on Turku Day. Rapper Eliitti will join the stage.

12.00−14.00 Cleaning of the Aura river
By the Tuomiokirkkosilta bridge

The Aura river will be cleaned by divers on Turku Day. This Turku event has been held for already a couple of decades.

12.00−14.00 Turku Day in Ruusukortteli
Puistokatu 11 b

Ruusukortteli welcomes guests to visit its premises. Serving coffee and buns.

12.00−14.00 Turku Day in Lehmusvalkama
Karviaiskatu 7

Leave your mark on the senior graffiti. Free coffee to the first 100 visitors. Raffle at 1.30 pm.

12.00−15.00 Turku Day at Halistenkoski Rapids
River Aura information centre Miller’s House, Valkkimyllynkuja 2

Traditional nature and environment themed Turku Day event in and around River Aura information centre Miller’s House and Halistenkoski Rapids.

12.00−15.00 Turku Day in City Hall
Aurakatu 2

Turku City Hall opens its doors to the public. Elina Rantanen, the chair of the city council, opens the event at 12.30 pm. Introducing current projects of the city.

12.00−16.00 Turku Day in Pieni Kirjapuoti
Yliopistonkatu 28

Presenting a Turku themed board game Nähdään, Vi ses täl puol jokke at 1 pm and 2 pm. Authors Kristiina Elo and Veepee Lehto will talk about their book Putosik Akrikola Aurajokke at 3 pm.

12.00−16.00 Community over competition @Maanantaimarket
Kristiinankatu 6

Maanantaimarket wants to celebrate the community and cooperation between entrepreneurs.

12.00−17.00 Domcafé on Turku Day
Tuomiokirkonkatu 1

Domcafé in Turku Cathedral is open on Turku Day.

12.00−17.00 SA-INT national defense museum is open
Iso-Heikkiläntie 5

The museum exhibits the history of national defense over a hundred years. You can see weapons, costumes and equipment as well as books and magazines on defense. Admission 8/6 €, cash only. Veterans and Lottas for free.

12.00−17.00 Turku Day Stand up!
Turku City Theater, Itäinen Rantakatu 14

Mikko Vaismaa at 1 pm, Jussi Simola at 2 pm, Kaisa Pylkkänen at 3 pm and Jape Grönroos at 4 pm. Stand up performances last for about 25 minutes each. The event is free. To attend you must be 16 or older.

12.00−17.00 Guided tours of Åbo Svenska Teater
Aurakatu 10

Guided tours in Finnish at 12 pm and 4 pm and in Swedish at 2 pm. All tours must be booked in advance at biljetter@abosvenskateater.fi or tel. 02 277 7377. Tickets 5 €. Max 25 people per tour.

12.00−17.00 Market in Brinkkala
Brinkkala courtyard, Vanha Suurtori 7

Market in Brinkkala on Turku Day's eve and on Turku Day.

12.00−18.00 Open doors at Kakola
Graniittilinnankatu 2

The gates of Kakola will open in honor of Turku Day. Restaurant Kakolanruusu, Kakola Brewing Company, Frukt Coffee Roasters café, bakery Bageri Å and Kakola shop are all open. Kakola Yhtiö presents its upcoming Päiväselli project.

12.00−18.00 Open doors at Turun Kulttuuriyhdistys
HUB Turku, Luostarin välikatu 4

Come and discover the activities of Turun Kulttuuriyhdistys. Coffee will be served.

12.00−18.00 Turku Day on s/s Bore
s/s Bore, Linnankatu 72

Cafe Navigare is open. Bingo at 1 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm. Live music by Kari Pursila from 2 pm to 4 pm.

12.00−18.00 Turku Day at Ruissalo Spa
Ruissalon puistotie 640

Ruissalo Spa offers access to its sauna and pool department at half price in honor of Turku Day. Adults 7,5 € and children (from ages 4 to 12) 3 €.

12.00−18.00 Turku Day @ Flowpark
Skanssinkatu 10

In honor of Turku Day all daredevils are adventuring at Flowpark for a reduced price of 18 €.

12.30−18.00 Turku Day in the main library
Linnankatu 2

Video document Herkkujen helminauha – Turun kansallinen kaupunkipuisto in Studio at 12.30 pm. Terveisiä Turusta!, songs of Kaj Chydenius at 3 pm in the non-fiction department. The concert lasts for about 1,5 hours.


13.00−13.30 Suomen Agilityliitto on Turku Day
Sokos Wiklund, Eerikinkatu 11

Suomen Agilityliitto, which is preparing for FCI Agility World Championship, is celebrating Turku Day on the 3rd floor of Wiklund. Come and meet the dogs and get ready for the upcoming World Championship. 

13.00−13.45 Teachers of music school Grazioso play music
Skanssi, Skanssinkatu 10

Music school Grazioso’s teacher’s cello-violin duo plays classical music.

13.00−14.00 Posankka Race
Auransilta bridge−Kirjastosilta bridge

Posankka and Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry are organizing a new and exciting fundraising event in the Aura river. Adopt your posankka from www.lyyti.in/posankkarace2019 and take part in the race.

13.00−14.00 Roma mass in Saint Michael’s Church
Puistokatu 16

Sermon by Archbishop Tapio Luoma, liturgy by Pastor Jouni Lehikoinen.

13.00−14.30 Mysterious Turku – guided tour  
Start from Aurakatu 2, Visit Turku tourist information

This one and half an hour lasting walking tour will take the visitor to places they are unlikely to discover with a map and their own curiosity. Adults 10 €, children (ages 7−15) 5 €, age recommendation 10+.

13.00−17.00 Akkunakaffila
Turkuseura, Vanha Suurtori 3

Open doors and windows at Turkuseura on Turku Day. Akkunakaffila serves coffee and caramels straight from the windows of Turkuseura. The right window is decorated with the coat-of-arms of Turku.

13.00−17.00 Market of possibilities in Turku
The Old Great Square

The Old Great Square fills with global market atmosphere, music and dance performances. Almost 50 organizations will be present to showcase their activities.

13.00−17.00 Vallaton taiteenkumous
Turku Art Hall, Vanha Suurtori 5

The versatile and high-quality culture operators of Turku get together in Turku Art Hall to offer the public a wide selection of their Autumn programme. The event is organized by Taidekahvit-network and is free of charge.

13.15−13.45 Publication of Turun Flikka and Poika
The Old Great Square

Turun Flikka and Poika are elected each year at the initiative of Turkuseura. This year the new Flikka and Poika are announced on Turku Day at the Old Great Square.

13.30−18.00 Open doors in Turku Cathedral Museum
Tuomiokirkkotori 3

Turku Cathedral Museum is open on Turku Day. The museum's artifacts tell about the stages of the cathedral and ecclesiastical life up to the 14th century.


14.00 Soi torpat ja salongit concert
Piispankatu 17

Contemporary interpretations of folk songs of different periods and styles with two violins. Performed by Marianne Maans and Marjaana Purtiainen. Free admission.

14.00−14.20 Pop up –dialect quiz
Turkuseura, Vanha Suurtori 3

Who is the dialect queen or king of Turku Day? Find out in the dialect quiz organized by Turkuseura and hosted by dialect guru Esa Laukkanen. The duration of the quiz is approximately 20 minutes.

14.00−16.00 Baila Africa Village Party in Dance Theatre ERI
Yliopistonkatu 7

The highly popular, Africa-inspired soirées offer rhythmic magic of drums, enchantment of dance and aromatic Beninese cuisine. Tickets 40 € /38 €/38 € (incl. food & beverage)


15.00−15.20 Pop up dialect quiz
Turkuseura, Vanha Suurtori 3

Who is the dialect queen or king of Turku Day? Find out in the dialect quiz organized by Turkuseura and hosted by dialect guru Esa Laukkanen. The duration of the quiz is approximately 20 minutes.

15.00−15.50 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä: Pate, viidakon kuningas
Seikkailupuisto, Kupittaankatu 2

Timo Parvela’s popular book transforms to a musical adventure in the hands of Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä and T4 live band. Show in Helmiteltta. Age recommendation 5+. Tickets 8 €.

15.00−16.00 Male voice choir Laulun Ystävät: Meren äärellä concert
Forum Marinum, Linnankatu 72

Concert and sing-along session of familiar songs such as On armas mulle aallon tie, Aamu Airistolla, Laivat puuta, miehet rautaa, Rosvo-Roope ja Tähti ja meripoika.

15.00−16.00 Music and poetry in Turku Castle  
Turku Castle, Linnankatu 80

Music and poetry concert series begins on Turku Day with the performance of SenioriKulkuset.

15.00−16.15 TFO: Romanttinen iltapäivä
Turku Castle, Linnankatu 80

In Turku Castle the Turku Day afternoon is devoted to chamber music of the Romantic period. Tickets 26,50/21,50/9,50 €.

15.00−21.00 Open doors in Bethel Church
Yliopistonkatu 29a

Bethel Church is sometimes called the best kept secret of Turku. This year, the Church is open to the public on Turku Day for the first time.


16.00−17.00 Romanttinen Turku − guided walking tour
Starts from the steps of Turku Cathedral

Romanttinen Turku is a theatrical guided walking tour during which love stories are told. There are stairs along the way. The tour is in Finnish. Ticket sale  at 15.45 pm. Tickets 15 €.


17.00−18.15 Samba reggae on Turku Day
Samba Carioca, Voimakatu 5

Let's get Turku moving! Samba Carioca offers a free samba reggae lesson on Turku Day.

17.00−19.00 Veikkausliiga: FC Inter − IFK Mariehamn
Veritas Stadion, Blomberginaukio 4

The fight for Veikkausliiga Championship starts in Turku on Turku Day!

17.00−19.15 Tarinoita varjoisilta kujilta – guided walking tour  
Starts from Kristiinankatu 1

Tarinoita varjoisilta kujilta is a theatrical guided walking tour during which narrator and actor perform crime stories set in Turku. The tour is in Finnish. Tickets 15 €.

17.00−19.30 TUTO Volley – Sampo, opening of Ykkössarja on Turku Day
Nunnavuoren palloiluhalli, Piiparinpolku 22

TUTO Volley’s season opening TUTO Volley – Sampo. In the honor of Turku Day the city of Turku will be the host of the game. Tickets 6 €. Pensioners, students and draftees (military service) two by the price of one. Children under the age of 15 and volleyball junior players for free.


18.00−19.00 Singing in the street, The TYY Choir
Kirjastosilta Bridge

A smaller ensemble of the TYY Choir performs songs from the standard program of the choir, such as student songs, serenades, and drinking songs.

18.00−19.15 Annivercary concert of Luminos Ensemble, Decennium
Turku Cathedral, Tuomiokirkkokatu 1

Anniversary concert of Luminos Ensemble with Aboa Nova Ensemble on Turku Day. The concert will take place at Turku Cathedral. Tickets 15 €. Tickets are available from Luminos online store and additionally from the door starting at 5 pm.

18.15−19.15 Turku Day in Flama: oriental dance
Linnankatu 84

The price of a Turku Day dance class is only 6 €. In addition, we offer a 5-time series card for a reduced price of 39 €. The offer is valid both in our studio and in our online store, only on Turku Day.


19.00−21.30 Manifesti 25 gala
Manilla-theatre, Itäinen Rantakatu 64

A group of great artist from Jorma Uotinen to Circo Aereo take the stage to close the 25th Factory Festival Manifesti. Tickets 35/30/25 €.


20.00−22.00 Turku Day fireworks cruise
Pharmacy museum, Läntinen Rantakatu 13

Riverboat Aura is present at the Turku Day fireworks. Departure at 8.50 pm from the Pharmacy museums stop. Tickets 7 €. Weather conditions permitting.


21.00 Turku Day Fireworks
Turku Centre

Turku Day culminates to the spectacular and traditional fireworks above Samppalinnanmäki hill at 9 pm.The fireworks can be seen especially from the west bank of the Aura river between the city hall and Kristiinankatu 1 area, as well as from the Theatre Bridge and the east bank of the river.

21.00−24.00 Works of environmental art by Turku Energia
Kaasukellonaukio, Artukainen heating plant and Härkämäki heating plant

Turku Energia illuminates its most recent works of environmental art on Turku Day.