Turku Day program

Changes in the programme are possible.

All up to date Turku Day events can be found in the regional event calendar, Turku Event Calendar!

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We kindly ask that all Turku Day participants to keep safe distances and take care of good hyigene as well as take into consideration other Turku Day celebrators and Turku Day event organisers.

- Please observe that certain spaces might have visitor restrictions, kindly await your turn
- While queuing, keep a safety distance of 1 to 2 meters
- Remember to wash your hands often and with great care
- Cough into your sleeve or elbow or a single-use tissue
- Please consider people at high risk
- We recommend that all event participants use face masks both indoors and in large crowds
- The City of Turku recommeds that all Turku Day participants download the Koronavilkku -application to ones mobilephone

Steam engine Ukko-Pekka in the Turku region
Turku main railway station, Ratapihankatu 37

The largest steam engine in Finland, known as “Ukko-Pekka,” with its vintage cars will serve passengers in the Turku region on the weekend of 19-20 September 2020. Tickets (available on board the train, cash payment only): €10–35, children 4–16 years –50%, children younger than 4 years, free entry

Two for the price of one at the City of Turku Swimming Centres
Impivaara  Swimming Centre, Uimahallinpolku 4

The City of Turku pays for the lower-priced ticket. The offer is also available at Petrelius Swimming Hall.

Open house at the Biological Museum
Neitsytpolku 1

Free admission to the Biological Museum with an exhibition of 13 natural sceneries, including animals, and the photo exhibition ‘A mythical journey’ by Heikki Willamo on Turku Day.

Free admission to the Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum
Vartiovuorenkatu 2

The Luostarinmäki museum area, which opened in 1940 after the end of the Winter War, celebrates its 80th anniversary.

Spend Turku Day on Hostel Ship Bore in the company of Folke West
Linnankatu 72

Come on down to Ship Hostel Bore to hear Folke West tell great stories about the ship’s adventures from its active days. On Turku Day the ship also celebrates its 60th anniversary with coffe and cake and the ship museum is open from 9 am to 7 pm, with entrance -50%.

Turku Day Holy Eucharist at Turku Cathedral
Tuomiokirkonkatu 1

Cathedral dean Heimo Rinne preaches, Sinikka Pietilä assists at the Mass. Jukka Pietilä and Markku Hietaharju are responsible for the music.

Sea Sunday Mass at St. Michael’s Church
Puistokatu 16

The theme of the Sea Sunday is the 110th anniversary of the Turku seamen’s church. Reverend Timo Hanttu is the officiant at the mass, while Jaakko Laasio from the Turku seamen’s church preaches. Silvia Koski plays the organ. In addition, a brass quintet from the Navy Band plays at the mass.

Campus tours at EduCity on Turku Day
Joukahaisenkatu 7

Get to know the new building EduCity at Turku University of Applied Sciences through two guided tours on Turku Day. The tours start at 10 and 11 am, with a maximum of 30 persons/tour. Please register in advance.

Get to know Lahjan Tytöt (Lahja’s Girls) gymnastics club
Yliopistonkatu 31, entrance from the inner courtyard, 2nd floor

Lahjan Tytöt offer sample classes and a trick course, free of charge. Reserve your spot by sending email to maija.mannerros@lahjantytot.fi, or just show up at the event. A maximum of 15 people will be admitted.
10.00–13.00 A trick course for children 1 to 10 years of age, accompanied by an adult. No advance registration needed for the trick course.
10.00−10.30 An exercise class for families with children 1 to 6 years of age, accompanied by an adult.
10.45−11.30 Fitness exercise class for seniors
11.45−12.30 DanceMix & gymnastics for children 4 to 6 years of age
12.45−13.30 DanceMix & gymnastics for children 7 to 12 years of age

Open house at Toriparkki
Turku Marketplace

Be among the first to visit the new Marketplace Parking space – Toriparkki. We will organize guided tours around the building site on Sunday 20th of September between 10 am and 2 pm.

Open house at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Cellar of the Casagrande building, Linnankatu 3

The City of Turku invites the residents of Turku to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, an ecumenic shrine consecrated as a Catholic chapel. A tour guide will explain the history of the space in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Two for the price of one at the City of Turku Swimming Centres
Petrelius Swimming hall, Ruiskatu 2

The City of Turku pays for the lower-priced ticket. The offer is also available at Impivaara Swimming Hall.

Open house at Turun Weikot ry
Mikonkatu 2

Welcome to the redone space of Turun Weikot ry. The space was renovated in the spring 2019 and is a great place to host meetings, parties, schooling and other events. On offer will also be coffee and treats, payment by cash or credit card.

Open doors at the Lien Tam Buddhist monastery
Moisiontie 225

The Lien Tam Buddhist monastery invites the residents of the city for a visit to its beautiful historic milieu that offers unique cultural experiences. The events are free of charge.
10.00     Doors opened for visitors
11.00–12.00    Weekly peace retreat, after which the leading monk at the monastery, master Thich Hanh Bao, answers the visitors’ questions
12.00–13.00     A tasty Vietnamese vegetarian lunch with fried noodles, salad, coffee and Vietnamese pastries
13.00–15.00     Free programme

Turku Day on the pedestrian street
Yliopistonkatu pedestrian street

To celebrate Turku Day, the parties in the city council as well as the City of Turku, local companies and associations present their activities to the residents. There is also a stage on the pedestrian street with events and presentations throughout the day.

Events on the stage
10.00–10.10    The Mayor of Turku, Minna Arve, opens the event
10.10–10.25    Varsinais-Suomen Viro-Keskus ry (Estonian Centre in Finland Proper)
10.25–10.40    Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis choir
10.40–10.45    Pilgrimage walks
10.45–11.00    Rockskolan
11.00–11.20    Dance studio Flama
11.20–11.40    University of Turku
11.40–11.55    Nach Baliye Kollektiv
11.55–12.10    Concert by the students of the Turku Suzuki School
12.10–12.30    Lahjan Tytöt
12.30–13.00    The Navy band
13.00–13.20    The National Coalition Party (Kokoomus)
13.20–13.35    The Centre Party of Finland (Keskusta)
13.35–13.50    The Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP)
13.50–14.05    The Left Alliance (Vasemmistoliitto)
14.05–14.20    The Green League (Vihreät)
14.20–14.30    The Christian Democrats (Kristillisdemokraatit)
14.30–14.40    Movement Now (Liike Nyt)
14.40–15.00    Turun Naispoliisilaulajat policewomen’s choir

Open doors at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art
Itäinen Rantakatu 38

See the Hyäryllistä – Everything Useful exhibition by the Hyäryllistä artist group, the Fan Academy exhibition by Anneli Nygren, and the Reset exhibition by Elina Vainio at WAMx.

Sacred spaces of Nature Spaces photo exhibition
Brinkkala Mansion Gallery, Vanha Suurtori 3

The photo exhibition offers a unique opportunity to enjoy Sacred spaces of Nature through the beautiful pictures awarded in the competition.

Open doors at the Pharmacy Museum and Qwensel House
Läntinen Rantakatu 13b

Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the exciting world of the pharmaceutical sector. In the inner courtyard, you can marvel at a piece of Turku that has remained nearly unchanged for the past couple of hundred years.

Turku Day in Turku Castle
Linnankatu 80

Experience the completely renewed Northern Exhibition Hall with nearly 800 objects from the museum centre of Turku’s own collections. To celebrate Carin Bryggman’s 100th anniversary, there is an exhibition about her life and design works in the castle.

Turku Day at Forum Marinum
Linnankatu 72

Entrance to all the exhibitions at the Maritime Centre and the museum ships for a reduced price of €2–6 (regular prices €4–12). Turku Day wristband €10/€6.50. There is also additional programme related to the restoration of the museum ships in the courtyard; free admission.

Turku Day escape room games, Escape Artist Room Escape
Yliopistonkatu 33 / Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21−23

Try The Creepy Circus, The Hunter, Battle Ships or The Crime Scene escape rooms for only €60 per room. For more information and reservations, please visit www.escapeartist.fi.

Animation art on Turku Day
Itäinen Rantakatu 14

Turun Anikistit ry displays their animation projections in the city centre on Turku Day. Pink Phantom will be displayed on the Turku City Theatre outside art wall.

Have a break – breakdance classes at Kupittaa park
Kupittankatu 8, by the stage at St. Henry’s square

Breakdance teacher Bboy Kalaco, oroginally from Mexico, will give two 30 minute long showcase lessons in breakdance at 11 & 11.45 am, in Kupittaa Park. Come alone or with friends – let’s dance together.

Open doors at HUB Turku and Turun Kulttuuriyhdistys cultural association
Luostarin Välikatu 4

Step inside the HUB Turku premises at Luostarin välikatu street. HUB Turku is a non-profit organisation at the heart of Turku, that aims to maintain and support the collaboration of entrepreneurs, students and communities.

Open doors at Tyyki Design shop
Humalistonkatu 8

Pop in and acquaint yourself with design, handcraft and clothing collections from Turku.

Flying Finn Tour 2020 - Turku
Lukkosepänkatu 7

Flying Finn Tour brings a divers collection of motor sports to Turku. All fans of motor sports, young and old, are welcome.

Turku Day at Kuralan Kylämäki -museum and the Village of Living History, Focus on Prehistory event
Jaanintie 45

The programme includes work performances by craftspeople, mini exhibitions, lectures and themes like “Wool – from fibre to fabric”.

Used book sale at the Turku Main Library
Linnankatu 2-4

Come and make some great finds at the traditional used book sale at the Main library on Turku Day. Weather permitting, the event will take place on the library courtyard; otherwise, it will be in the Main Library.

Spend your Turku Day at the botanical garden
Ruissalon puistotie 215

To celebrate Turku Day, admissions to the greenhouses at reduced prices (€5 for adults, €3 for retired citizens, students and adolescents under 19, family ticket €15, children under 7 for free). The collections of the garden include plants from all climate zones on Earth, and you can also see budgerigars and koi carps in the greenhouses.

Turku Day at Turku Art Museum
Aurakatu 26

Turku Art Museum celebrates Turku Day with new exhibitions and guided tours. The group size of the mini tours is limited to 15 people, and participants are admitted on a first come, first served basis.

12.00                We will admire the details of the museum building from outside on the Taiteen talo (House of art) architecture tour; free admission.
13.00-14.45     This mini tour recaps the essentials of the life of Birger Kaipiainen in Finnish in 15 minutes. Admission with the museum’s entrance ticket
15.00 & 15.30  This mini tour recaps the essentials of the life of Birger Kaipiainen in Swedish in 15 minutes. Admission with the museum’s entrance ticket.

Open house at Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova
Itäinen Rantakatu 4

Enjoy both archaeology and modern art on Turku Day. Photographic artist Jorma Puranen’s private exhibition Museum Meditations is featured on two floors. The new installation called Blues by artist Lilli Haapala is displayed in the Takkahuone gallery.

13.30—14.00 Vega Ensemble quartet from Laulun Ystävät (Friends of the song) choir will perform in the inner courtyard

Turku Day at KUI Design
Kristiinankatu 6

To celebrate Turku Day, KUI Design offers 20% off of all normal-priced products. To mark the event, the Turun Piirustusseura drawing association will visit our shop to draw portraits of our visitors on-site.

Turku Day events at Skanssi Shopping Centre
Skanssinkatu 10

Skanssi Shopping Centre celebrates Turku Day. The Turun sunnuntaimaalarit art association opens their exhibition and local choirs entertain the visitors at the shopping centre. The gallery is located at the western end of the shopping centre.

Escape room games on Turku Day
Aninkaistenkatu 14 b 3

On Turku Day only, room escape games for 2 to 6 players for €60 per game. Please make a reservation in advance. Our Pako unesta (Escape from a dream) game is suitable for both beginners and more experienced escape room players. On Turku Day, 20th September, all games for €60 per game only. For more information and reservations, please visit www.slyfox.fi.

Divers clean up the Aura River
Next to Tuomiokirkkosilta bridge, in front of the Pinella restaurant

Divers clean up the Aura River on Turku Day. The event has been organised every year for the past couple of decades, and in 2018, the Finnish divers’ federation Sukeltajaliitto granted its environmental award to the event.

The 100-year-old University of Turku celebrates Turku Day: open doors at the Zoological Museum
Turku Yliopistonmäki hill

Visit the zoological museum located on Yliopistonmäki hill that maintains and develops the second largest natural scientific collections in Finland with nearly four million exhibits. The guided tour in the museum begins at the Yliopistonmäki square.

The 100-year-old University of Turku celebrates Turku Day: Architecture and art on Yliopistonmäki hill tours
Turku Yliopistonmäki hill

Attend the guided Architecture and art on Yliopistonmäki hill tour. Learn about architect Aarne Ervi’s thoughts and plans and the art on Yliopistonmäki hill, designed in the 1950s. A maximum of 22 spots are available in each group, advance registration opens on 1 September. For more information and registrations, please visit www.utu.fi/fi/100/Turun-paiva

The 100-year-old University of Turku celebrates Turku Day: tours in the Herbarium
Turku Yliopistonmäki hill

Normally closed to the public, the Herbarium of the University of Turku opens its doors on Turku Day. During the tour of the Herbarium, you will get to see plants and mosses found on Yliopistonmäki hill as well as the Herbarium itself. Guided tours are available for groups of 8 to 10 people, advance registration required. For more information and registrations, please visit www.utu.fi/fi/100/Turun-paiva

Turku Day at the City Hall
Aurakatu 2

During the open doors event, visitors have access to the council chamber and the imposing entrance hall of the building. The programme also includes a lecture to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the University of Turku. You can also listen to the lecture online at http://vod.kepit.tv/turkuyliopisto.html
13.00 Professor of political history Vesa Vares: “In Finland Proper, we never yell, but we could raise our voice in a civilised manner.” Characteristics of the development in Turku in terms of society, politics, culture and internationality from the 1970s to the present.
13.15 Director of Finland Futures Research Centre Juha Kaskinen: “From here to the future of Turku”.

Turku Day at the Waterworks Museum
Halistentie 4

There are tour guides at the Turku Waterworks Museum to answer any questions the visitors may have on Turku Day. You can visit the museum freely, but the number of people admitted is limited. Please register in advance at aurajoki.net/kaikki-tapahtumat/

Turku Day at Halistenkoski rapids
Valkkimyllynkuja 2

A family event at the Aura River Information Centre Myllärintalo and Halistenkoski rapids. Free admission – welcome! Join us on a guided walking tour at the Virnamäki ancient monument area, canoeing, presentation of the fish ladder, and much more..

Princess Pikkiriikki’s puddle bouncing course
Linnankatu 31

The Turku Youth Theatre invites all children to a puddle bouncing course. You won’t need to bring your rubber boots, though, as we are only training for this autumn’s puddle season. Should it rain, the bouncing course will take place in the theatre foyer, entrance from Ursininkatu 4. All puddle bouncers also enter a prize draw in which they can win free tickets to presentations of the Prinsessa Pikkiriikki (Princess Pikkiriikki) play.

Fillaritalli pop-up bike repair
Aura River, by the Kirjastosilta – Library bridge

Fillaritalli’s pop up bike repair offers its services by the River Aura on Turku Day. We give your bike a quick fix – you enjoy the Turku Day atmosphere by the river.

Open doors at the Turku Orthodox church
Yliopistonkatu 19

The Turku Orthodox Church is open on Turku Day. Come and visit the church designed by architect C. L. Engel, located alongside the temporary marketplace at the heart of Turku.

The history of the Orthodox cemetery chapel
Uudenmaantie 76

Have a look inside the Turku Orthodox cemetery chapel. Find out about the history of the cemetery and its chapel by yourself or with a tour guide.

Historical walking tour of Kiinamyllynmäki
12.00−13.30 ja 14.00–15.30
Lazaret Museum, Kiinamyllynkatu 4-8

The Lazaret Museum organises two guided walking tours in the area of the University of Turku hospital on Turku Day. We focus on the history of the hospital buildings and the area on the tours. Please reserve your spot by 14 September. A maximum of 10 people will be admitted per group. For reservations, please send email to lasarettimuseo@tyks.fi or call 050-571 4030.

Outlet sale at Brinkkalan Outolintu shop
Vanha Suurtori 3

Find some exquisite pieces of arts and crafts in the Brinkkalan Outolintu courtyard. A batch of acrylic paintings is also available for an affordable price. Come and make some unique finds!

Turku Day at the Art Chapel
Seiskarinkatu 35

On Turku Day, the Art Chapel on the Hirvensalo Island will be open from 12 am to 6 pm. The art exhibition at the chapel showcases artwork by Birgitta Holopainen. The chapels Ladies café will be open from 3 to 6 pm.

Open doors at Taitokeskus crafts centre on Turku Day
Vanha Suurtori 3

Familiarise yourself with the activities and premises of the Taitokeskus Turku crafts centre on Turku Day. Fall in love with and find inspiration in our renewed handicraft studio and check our versatile course palette and workshop opportunities.

Open doors at the Turkuseura local residents’ society
Vanha Suurtori 3

What is Turkuseura? Or Föripuoti? Find out about our activities in the Brinkkala Mansion, located at the Old Great Square. You are welcome in the premises of the society to find out about our activities and to visit the Föripuoti shop that specialises in Turku-related products. Expect some exclusive special offers and exciting competitions.

Turku Day on Kakolanmäki hill
Kakolanmäki, Graniitinlinnankatu 2

Be one of the first people to visit the new Hotel Kakola that opens in September on Kakolanmäki. During the day, you can attend guided tours in the premises of Hotel Kakola and experience the versatile offerings available on Kakolanmäki hill.

Programme and opening hours
10–17 Bakery bageri Å
10–18 Kakolan Myymälä shop
10–18 Kakola Brewing Company
12–18 Guided tours at Hotel Kakola
12–18 Kakolanruusu restaurant Please note: last reservations accepted for 4 pm.  Sunday Feast and individual dishes will be available.

Turku Cathedral Museum is open
Tuomiokirkkotori 1

See the treasures of the church on the southern gallery of the church. The objects in the museum showcase the history of the Cathedral and clerical life from the 14th century onwards. Please note that the church and museum are not open for visitors during ceremonies and events.

Turku Day at the Animal Rights Center
Yliopistonkatu 2

Welcome to our pop-up café, where we will serve salty and sweet vegan treats. The café is open the whole afternoon and early evening. Pets are also welcome!

Open air concert with the Navy Band
Yliopistonkatu pedestrian street

The Navy Band plays marching music in the pedestrian street. Experience some traditional marching music and impressive brass music in the concert. Established in 1919, the Navy Band is a stylish and sparkling brass band of the Finnish Navy.

University of Turku centenary lecture
Aurakatu 2

The University of Turku centenary lecture given at the open doors event at Turku City Hall will also be streamed online at http://vod.kepit.tv/turkuyliopisto.html. Speeches will be given by professor of political history Vesa Vares: “In Finland Proper, we never yell, but we could raise our voice in a civilised manner”, and Director of Finland Futures Research Centre Juha Kaskinen: “From here to the future of Turku”.

Unveiling of the new Turku bouquet
Vanha Suurtori 3

To celebrate Turku Day, Turkuseura unveils the first ever Turku bouquet. The bouquet was inspired by the colours and atmosphere in Turku and nature in the archipelago. The new official bouquet of the City of Turku will be unveiled on the Old Great Square, under the windows of the Turkuseura premises.

Interested in dog agility? Introduction to a new hobby
Royal Canin Areena, Yrjönalhontie 2

Dog agility is a fun and fast sport for the whole family. At the event, we will tell you more about dog agility and getting started with your new hobby, and you will get to watch an agility competition. The introductory day is for human participants only.

Teatteri Akseli: Open reharsals of the play Samanlainen onni
Humalistonkatu 8, second floor

Open rehearsal of the play Samanlainen onni. Free admission; a maximum of 25 people will be admitted. Samanlainen onni is a sympathetic play about Amalia, an autistic 17-year-old girl, her single father and her new nurse employed as a socially useful worker. Directed by: Osku Pikander

A romantic afternoon with the Laulun ystävät choir
Itäinen Rantakatu 4-6

The Vega Ensemble quartet from the Laulun Ystävät choir performs in the inner courtyard of the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum on Turku Day. The programme includes serenades and romantic melodies that match the atmosphere of the early autumn. In case of unfavourable weather conditions, the concert will take place indoors.

Common pilgrimage alon the Helenan polku (Helen's path), by the Aura River
The pilgrimage begins at Turku Cathedral, in front of Domcafé.

In cooperation with the Pilgrimage project, Turku Cathedral parish, St. Catherine’s parish and St. Mary’s parish in Turku invite the residents of Turku to a guided pilgrimage. We will visit St. Catherine’s Church, Koroistenniemi and St. Mary’s Church along the way. The route is about 8 km long, and the pilgrimage takes 3 to 4 hours. Please reserve your spot by 16 September. A maximum of 30 people will be admitted. To register, please send email to katri.lautjarvi@evl.fi or call 040 3417 350.

Dirty River Roller Derby Open Skate
Ilpoinen Ball Game Hall, Lauklähteenkatu 13

Roller derby is an action-packed team sport you play on your roller skates. Take this opportunity to find out more about the club and sport at the introductory class. All you need to bring yourself are clothes fit for sports and a bottle of water. 

Open rehearsal of the play Vaahteramäen Eemeli (Emil of Lönneberga)
Ursininkatu 4

Welcome to the open rehearsal of the Vaahteramäen Eemeli play that will premiere in the Turku Youth Theatre in November. Free admission; a maximum of 60 people will be admitted. Tickets to the play will also be available for a special price.

Molli – The croaking frog
Kupittaankatu 2

The wonderful children’s play Molli, which premiered in 2015, has returned to Seikkailupuisto – Adventure park. The play deals with themes of dreams and friendship. All tickets to events at the Seikkailupuisto – Adventure park, must be reserved.

Turku Day dialect quiz
Vanha Suurtori 3

Who is the reigning king or queen of the Turku dialect? The dialect expert Esa Laukkanen of Turkuseura hosts a dialect quiz at the Turkuseura premises in Brinkkala Mansion. To participate, you need a smartphone. The quiz takes 20 minutes and there are Turku-related prizes for the winners. To ensure safe distances, the number of participants is limited to about 20.

Musicians of the King's Road – A passeggio
Turku Cathedral

On Turku Day, the Musicians of the King’s Road perform a walking concert A passeggio at Turku Cathedral. In the walking concert, the musicians will spread out around the church, and the audience can move around the space freely. Admission to the concert is free of charge.

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra presents: Steamboat Bill Jr.
Turku Castle, Linnankatu 80

This magnificent work by Magnus Lindberg is based on the famous silent comedy by Buster Keaton. A combination of several styles and techniques, the work is like a game of chess in which the players are forced to make several moves at the same time. Tickets starting from €27.50.

Tommi Kinnunen, teacher and auther – in that order
Main library, Linnankatu 2-4

Tommi Kinnunen’s novels gives a voice to those whose stories have previously been silenced. Tommi Kinnunen (1973) will be interviewd by Information specialist Gunnar Högnäs.

Turku tourist guides mini tours on Turku Day 2020
Vanha Suurtori

On Turku Day, Turku's tourist guides offer 15 minutes mini-tours between 3 and 5 pm. The mini tours cover a variety of topics, so you can hear something completely new and surprising, or perhaps something familiar. See you at the Old Great Square on Turku Day!

Turun Naispoliisilaulajat policewomen’s choir on Kakolanmäki hill on Turku Day
Graniittilinnankatu 3, Kakola inner courtyard

The repertoire of the Turun Naispoliisilaulajat choir includes songs from various genres from rock and pop to sea shanties and Christmas carols. Members of the choir have formed a singing group called the Sirens (Sireenit), and will perform on the inner courtyard at the Kakola hill, at 3:30 pm. The Sirens will also perform at the Yliopistonkatu pedestrian street event the same day at 2:40 pm.

Stories from the shady streets
The tour begins at Itäinen Rantakatu 26, near the Carro Celeste monument

The theme of the animated 3-km walking tour is Prohibition. On the tour, you will find out about the factors that affected the sentences of alcohol smugglers and the new method of crime investigation that was first taken to use in Turku. A maximum of 45 people will be admitted. Tickets €15. Ticket sales begin at 3:30 pm, tour starts at 4 pm.

Following the footsteps of Germans in Turku / Auf deutschen Spuren in Turku
The tour begins at the Turku Cathedral steps

Suomalais-saksalainen yhdistys Turku ry (the Finnish-German society in Turku) organises a guided tour in German on Turku Day. The tour guide is Anke Michler-Janhunen.

Turku Day dialect quiz
Vanha Suurtori 3

Who is the reigning king or queen of the Turku dialect? The dialect expert Esa Laukkanen of Turkuseura hosts a dialect quiz at the Turkuseura premises in Brinkkala Mansion. To participate, you need a smartphone. The quiz takes 20 minutes and there are Turku-related prizes for the winners. To ensure safe distances, the number of participants is limited to about 20.

Turku-related ballads on the Old Great Square
Vanha Suurtori 3

Feel Turku on Turku Day. The brilliant musicians of Turun Laulelman Ystävät (Ballad Lovers of Turku) perform atmospheric Turku-related ballads on the Old Great Square. The event is hosted by Managing Coordinator of Turkuseura, Kati Leskinen.

Turku Day at the Tanssitiimi dance school
The courtyard of Turku Art Museum, Aurakatu 26

To celebrate Turku Day, the Tanssitiimi dance school invites all residents of Turku to enjoy the art of dance, free of charge. The events organised by Tanssitiimi take place in the courtyard of Turku Art Museum, and they include performances by their students and free classes for the visitors. Please register in advance online by 19 September.

16.15–17.15 Contemporary Lyrical open level, instruction in English
17.20-17.35 Performances by Tanssitiimi students
17.45–18.45 Rooted Jazz open level

Open doors at Betel Church on Turku Day
Yliopistonkatu 29a

On Turku Day, you have an opportunity to visit the Betel Church of the historical Hannula Christian revival. The Betel Church is sometimes referred to as the best-kept secret in Turku. This year, the church is open to the public on Turku Day for the second time.

Hippie mass at St. Michael's Church
Puistokatu 16

The hippie mass fills St. Michael’s Church with peace and love. The Aboa Gospel choir, directed by Silvia Koski, introduces the attendees to the music of the era. Bishop Teemu Laajasalo is the guest preacher at the mass.

Turku Day fireworks - behind the scenes
Samppalinnanmäki, Luostarivuori field

Turku Day culminates in the traditional fireworks display at Samppalinnanmäki at 9 pm. This year, the residents of the city get a chance to have a peek at the preparations of the fireworks and the area where the fireworks are launched on the Samppalinnanmäki gravel pitch.

The Finnish Red Cross gives a webinar on global threat scenarios

The Varsinais-Suomi District Office of the Finnish Red Cross gives a free webinar on Turku Day, in which the International Operations and Programmes Officer at the Finnish Red Cross, Pekka Reinikainen, explains some global threat scenarios and the measures to minimise them. The link to join the webinar can be found at rednet.punainenristi.fi/node/60516

CANCELLED Turku Day fireworks cruise
Aura River

This year, the traditional Turku Day fireworks cruise will take place on the river barge Aura. To celebrate Turku Day, cruise tickets on the river barge Aura are available for €5 for adults and €2 for children during the whole day. The event is subject to weather conditions. Further information: www.jokilautta.fi

Animation art on Turku Day
Linnankatu 2

Turun Anikistit ry displays their animations projected in the city centre on Turku Day. The artwork called Näytönsäästäjä (Screensaver) will be displayed on the side wall of the library yard.

Telmu ry music society and the art barge Taidelautta present: Anniina Auf
Aura River

The Turku live music society, Telmu ry, and the art barge Taidelautta offer live music on the Aura River on Turku Day. The artist of the night is Anniina Auf who plays electronic dream pop. The Taidelautta barge glides on the Aura River between the Cathedral Park and Aurasilta Bridge. The art collective Åbolit is responsible for the visual realisation of the project.

Turku Day fireworks
City centre

Turku Day culminates in the traditional fireworks display at Samppalinnanmäki. The fireworks can be admired from the western bank of the Aura River between City Hall and Kristiinankatu 1, Theatre Bridge, or the eastern bank of the river.

Environmental artworks of Turku Energia are lit for Turku Day
Kaasukellonaukio square, Matruusinpolku 8

To celebrate Turku Day, Turku Energia lights up its environmental artworks on the Kaasukellonaukio square, in Artukainen and in Härkämäki. All of the works are made by Mauri Kosonen. The light art works “Window of the Sun” and “Elements” will be projected on a gas balloon.

Environmental artworks of Turku Energia are lit for Turku Day
Artukainen heat station, Messukentänkatu

To celebrate Turku Day, Turku Energia lights up its environmental artworks in Artukainen. Artukainen heat station, “Water Memory”.

Environmental artworks of Turku Energia are lit for Turku Day
Härkämäki heat station, Väinölänkatu

To celebrate Turku Day, Turku Energia lights up its environmental artworks in Härkämäki. Härkämäki heat station, “Gone With The Solar Wind”.

Turku Day is doughnut day!

In Turku, filled and glazed doughnuts are known as piispanmunkki, “bishop’s doughnut.” A video produced in collaboration with the bakery Leipomo Rosten about the baking of these doughnuts, will be released on the Turun päivä 2020 Facebook page on 14 September. The video shows how the doughnuts are made at Leipomo Rosten and gives hot tips for making doughnuts successfully at home. Share your own piispanmunkki moments on social media and tag your posts #turunpiispis and @leipomorosten.

A toast to Turku, Finland!

The skilled personnel at the Bar4 in Kristiinankatu has designed a dedicated Turku Day 2020 mocktail that is easy to make at home with the whole family. Video instructions for making the mocktail will be released on the Turun päivä 2020 Facebook page on 16 September. Share an image of your favoourite Turku Day mocktail moment on social media and tag it #turunmocktail2020 and @bar4turku.

Video tips from the Mysterious Turku walking tour by Visit Turku

Saija Huhtiniemi, tour guide at Visit Turku, gives some insights to the Mysterious Turku walking tour. The themes of the video clips released on Turku Day are the only witch’s ordeal in Finland and the ghost of the Library. The video clips will be released on the Turun päivä 2020 Facebook page on 20 September.

Virtual tour of the Kakolanmäki wastewater treatment plant on Turku Day
Virtual event

On Turku Day, 20 September, Turun Seudun Puhdistamo Oy will release a virtual tour that presents the operations and underground facilities of the Kakolanmäki wastewater treatment plant. Join the virtual tour at www.turunseudunpuhdistamo.360tour.fi

WWF’s #WeLoveTurku competition on social media

Enter the competition on Turku Day and win free Föli rides for six months. Take a picture that shows what you love in Turku and post it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #weloveturku. The winner of the Föli travel card will be selected by lot among the posts made on 20 September. www.welovecities.org/upgrades/turku 

Enjoy theatre plays from the comfort of your own home 
Virtual event

Shows from years past, loved by audiences and acclaimed by critics, are available on Vimeo for only €2. This is an effort by director Mikko Rantanen and his co-workers to boost the energy of the dramatic arts in the current social situation. For further information, see: http://dramagun.nettisivu.org/?page_id=1012 (in Finnish)

Turku Early Music Society’s Turku Day
Virtual event

Turku Early Music Society will launch their YouTube channel on Turku Day, with many Turku-themed videos. Welcome to follow us and enjoy the music.

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme.
Current programme is available at www.turku.fi/turunpaiva
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