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The website and the Turku region events calendar

We collect user information

The City of Turku online services collect user information for the purpose of improving the services of our site. Users cannot be recognised through cookies or other technologies alone, and our site cannot be aware of a user’s email address, for example, unless the user has specifically supplied it on the site.

Contact information can be requested on various forms, if the user hopes for a response to their message, or for signing up for a newsletter email, for example. The information submitted on the forms is only used for answering the user, and no information is surrendered to third parties, unless specifically stated on the form.

Use of cookies

The website uses cookies for monitoring the activities of the users without recognising them. Cookies are small text files sent to and stored on the user’s computer, which:

  • allow website administrators to recognise frequent visitors on their site,
  • make logging in to websites easier, and
  • allow combining visitor information.

This feedback allows us to continuously improve the contents of our websites. Cookies do not damage the users’ computers or files. We use cookies to allow us to offer information and services based on the individual needs of each customer.

Cookies are utilised in:

  • Piwik site visitor monitoring (data is stored on Turku City's own servers, limited access for city employees)
  • Qualaroo polls (data is stored on Qualaroo's servers, limited access for city employees)
  • Site functionalities, such as the ReadWeb program, search filter memory, contrast selection and font size selection (technical cookie, no user information transferred).

If you visit the website and your browser is set to accept cookies, we take this as a sign that you accept our use of cookies. More information on third-party cookies can be found below (Social media and customer service).

Preventing cookies

If you do not wish to provide the service with the information detailed above through cookies, the cookie function can be turned off in most browsers. Further information on preventing cookies can be found in the settings of your browser.

However, please note that some of the pages and services offered on the website may not function correctly if cookies are disabled.

Utilising location information

Some of the online service contents are built to be adaptive, which means that various services are offered based on the location (district or address) of your mobile device. You can choose freely whether to allow the online service to utilise your location information. All of the same information is available on the website whether location information is available or not. Individual users cannot be recognised through location information.

Social media and customer service

The City of Turku wants to be an active participant, and it engages in conversation with its residents in the most common social media services. Our website uses various social media feeds and embeddings whose content is not administered through the Turku online publication system. Turku does not collect any personal or monitoring information on its users through social media; the main role of social media is in news and experiential communications. The various social media services are responsible for their individual cookie and privacy policies (third-party cookies).

The website utilises contents from the following social media services and other elements embedded on the website (click to open the privacy policy for each service):

Register descriptions

According to the Personal Data Act, every register controller must create a register description of any register containing personal information. The register description lists the register controller’s contact information, the intention of processing the personal information, and a description of the principles of register protection, among other things.

Register descriptions of the City of Turku:

  • All of the register descriptions of the City of Turku are available in the register description system (in Finnish). The description can be found under the name ‘ and the Turku region event calendar’.

Each register controller is responsible for the correctness of their register descriptions.

Privacy forms

Processing personal information in the City of Turku