Turku Market Hall Block

Turku Market Hall opened in 1896 and has together with its surroundings grown and lived with the city.

Upgrade of the Market Hall Block will transform the area into a diverse entity serving its entrepreneurs and citizens. The renewal will enhance the vitality of the historic Market Hall and strengthen the attractiveness of the city center.

Respecting the old

Internationally, market halls have always been central places of urban culture. Their color, liveliness, scents and atmosphere are like invitations to a common kitchen table. We want to nurture this atmosphere and extend it also beyond the Market Hall.

The dignity of the Market Hall will be preserved and a new environment that will feed all the senses will be created on the empty plot surrounding it. The area surrounding the Market Hall will be built as an interesting and comfortable urban space, which will strengthen the natural connection from the Hansa Block to the riverbank.

For the entrepreneurs of the Market Hall, the upgrade will bring more up-to-date and more functional business spaces. A more attractive block will also increase customer flows..

Listening to the citizens

The Market Hall Block is being developed in a new way through innovation partnership procedure, cooperation and stakeholder involvement. In order to succeed in the project, the opinions and wishes of the block's entrepreneurs, property owners and Turku residents are taken into account from the very beginning.

The development goals of the Market Hall Block are based on the goals of the Spearhead Project of Developing the City Center. The development plan of the block will be integrated into the development of the commercial concept of the entire city center.

City's partner in the project is the architectural company JKMM Architects, which was behind the winning proposal “Turun kauppahallikortteli 2026” in the Ignite Turku competition held in the autumn of 2020. The internationally acclaimed office is known for its pavilions at world exhibitions as well as for its works that have become landmarks in Finnish cities, such as Amos Rex in Helsinki and the Turku Main Library.

The story of JKMM started 20 years ago in Turku, with the successful renovation of our dear Library Block. Now it is Market Hall Block’s turn.

The progress of the Market Hall Block development project

Decisions of the Turku City Government that preceded the project:

Spring 2022: During the development phase, e.g. overall concept, development plan and financial implementation model will be prepared.

Autumn 2022: The results from the development phase and the continuation of the partnership will be submitted to the City Board for decision.

In addition, a detailed planning of the area will be started in 2022 and a project plan for the Market Hall will be drawn up and submitted separately for decision.

2023: The detailed plan to the City Council for decision.

More information: Specialist Janne Mustonen

JKMM: Project Manager Harri Lindberg